September 2013

Dear Doctor

Dear Colleagues:

A letter from the Medical Staff President - Dear Doctor

The summer is going by fast and there are some items I want to update you on. We had an electronic vote on the subject of the Quorum for medical staff meetings and on the manner of acting.

The response was good with about 150 of over 650 voting members casting a ballet. The proposal to eliminate the quorum for meetings and to conduct future voting via electronic method passed overwhelmingly with greater than 92% of the votes cast in favor of the proposal. The hospital's Board of Directors approved these bylaw changes at their last meeting. As a result, we will be able to present issues that need a vote by the medical staff as the need arises and not just at quarterly staff meetings. All eligible voting members will receive an electronic ballot (or faxed one if they do not have an e-mail account) and will have 10 business days to cast their ballot - this should help improve participation in the voting process. The results of the vote will be determined by the majority of the votes cast.

We have several issues requiring a vote that will be presented to the medical staff in the next couple of months. First, there is a proposal to change the categories of the medical staff. Currently, there are 8 categories including: Attending, Associate, Provisional, Consulting, Senior Attending, Emeritus, Non-clinical affiliate and Clinical affiliate/Cyberknife.

The new proposal will narrow the categories to four:

  • Active Medical Staff
    • Preponderance of their inpatient and outpatient care is at NCH
    • Voting rights
    • Eligible to hold office and serve on committees
    • Pay dues
  • Courtesy Medical Staff
    • Preponderance of patient care is not at NCH
    • Voting rights
    • Not eligible to hold medical staff office position, but can serve on committees
    • Pay dues
  • Non-clinical Affiliate Medical Staff
    • Privileges limited to refer and follow patients only
    • No voting rights
    • Not eligible to hold office or serve on committees
    • Pay dues
  • Emeritus Medical Staff
    • No active privileges for patient care; intended for retired physicians
    • No voting rights
    • Not eligible to hold office, may attend committees
    • No dues

Another issue we will be considering for a vote by the medical staff is the term of office for medical staff officers. Currently the term of office is 1 year for each position: Secretary-Treasurer, Vice President, President, and Past President. Most people who have served any of these offices feel that a longer term would be helpful. The proposal will be to extend the terms to 2 years, which would make the total commitment 8 years.

Our most recent medical staff event was the golf outing, held August 28, at Twin Orchards Country Club. If you did not attend, I hope you will consider joining us next year. The next Medical Staff meeting is scheduled for October 9, at Maggiano's in Schaumburg. October meeting notices and registration information will soon be distributed.

I hope your summer has been enjoyable and healthy.


Bill Soper
Medical Staff President