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Winning the Fight Against Prostate Cancer

To learn more about prostate cancer care at NCH, or for a second opinion, contact Juli Aistars at 847.618.6572 or via email at

Setting the Standard for Prostate Cancer Care

NCH offers the best in prostate cancer expertise, treatment and technology, helping more men beat this common cancer

Men, next time you're in a meeting, at a baseball game or picking up the groceries, take a look around. Statistically, one in six of you will get prostate cancer. In fact, prostate cancer is the second most common cause of cancer deaths in U.S. men, second only to lung cancer.

The good news, according to the American Cancer Society, is that there are more than 2 million prostate cancer survivors, and this number grows each year—thanks to earlier diagnosis and better treatment options.

What if it's you? Where will you turn for your prostate cancer treatment?

As the northwest suburbs' prostate cancer care leader, Northwest Community Hospital is an excellent resource for men who have recently received a prostate cancer diagnosis, as well as for those who may be seeking additional prostate cancer treatment options. NCH's team approach to cancer and the wide array of treatment options available in one convenient location make it the right choice for prostate cancer care.

"At NCH, we offer prostate cancer patients the most advanced technology possible," says Keith Ammons, director of Radiation Oncology and Cancer Services at NCH. "But technology is only part of the story—we also want to empower men to make good decisions for themselves."

Offering You the Most Prostate Cancer Treatment Options

NCH features the latest options in prostate cancer treatment, including:

Radiation Therapy

  • Prostate Brachytherapy, an early stage cancer treatment in which tiny radioactive "seeds" are placed inside the prostate.
  • CyberKnife® Stereotactic Radiosurgery System (SRS), a targeted, noninvasive, high-dose radiation therapy that requires only five treatments.
  • Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), a newer, precision radiation therapy that targets tumors while preserving surrounding tissues.
  • Calypso® Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (IG-IMRT), a treatment also known as GPS for the Body®, which tracks and treats tumors in real time.


  • The da Vinci® Robotic Surgical System, a minimally invasive option for surgical removal of the prostate.

Click here to learn more about NCH's full range of treatments.

Prostate Cancer Care Made Personal

The prostate cancer program at NCH is also unique because of its focus on individualized care. The team of expert physicians, including urologists, radiation oncologists and medical oncologists, work together to develop a plan of care unique to each patient. And the prostate nurse navigator, Juli Aistars, RN, APN, coordinates that care, along with providing support, patient education and information on available treatment options.

This focus on individualized care has led NCH to offer a prostate Second Opinion program. "This program is designed to serve patients of non-NCH primary care physicians and specialists who want additional consultation before making decisions about treatment," says Najeeb Mohideen, MD, radiation oncologist at NCH.

Aistars also serves as the coordinator of NCH's Second Opinion program. "This program focuses on quality, responsiveness and convenience," she explains. "Men in our region don't have to travel a great distance to get a second opinion. They can get it from acknowledged experts right here at NCH."

The Best Choice for Prostate Cancer Care

NCH's approach to prostate cancer means diagnosis, support, second opinions, treatment and follow-up are all available under one roof. Plus, easy access, expert staff and advanced technology make it the logical destination for men seeking answers in the northwest suburbs.

Timothy Short, MD

Najeeb Mohideen, MD

Radiation Oncologist NCH

  • Board-Certified: Radiation Oncology
  • Medical School: Armed Forces Medical College
  • Internship: St. Stephen's Hospital
  • Residency: St. Stephen's Hospital, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, Government Medical College & Hospital, Cookridge Hospital, Velindre Hospital and Loyola University Medical Center.

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Last Updated 04/10/2009