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Apps a Plenty

Healthy ways to use your smartphone

Let's face it. Your smartphone is a computer. It's just smaller and cooler. And application developers the world over have found ways for it to help you be healthier. Here are a few of our favorite apps:

Calorie Count: Food journaling can help you keep the pounds away, but logging your meals can be a chore. With this app, no typing is required. Just talk into your phone, and the voice recognition software logs your meals and physical activity. Using a simple calories-in, calories-out measure, a graphic balance scale keeps you in check. Available at

NAP26: Twenty-six minutes is the perfect amount of time to nap, according to NASA. In fact, it could increase your alertness by 54 percent! This nap app will guide you through a perfect power snooze based on this principle. NAP26 lulls you to sleep using sound vibrations that match natural sleep patterns, and then wakes you after 26 minutes. Available at

Instant Heart Rate: As your heart beats, it brings oxygen-rich blood to the fingertips, which causes an almost imperceptible change in color. The Instant Heart Rate app monitors these color changes to determine your overall heart rate by having you hold your index finger lightly over the camera on your smartphone for 10 seconds. Available at

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Last Updated 04/10/2009