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In Case of an Accident

When it's warm, everyone in the family wants to enjoy the great outdoors. But sometimes accidents or illness happens. In that case, turn to an NCH Immediate Care Center.

For a complete list of locations, click here. In a true emergency, call 911.

Pool Protocol

Stay safe near the water this summer

Kids think of summer as a carefree season full of fun. But parents who own a pool or spa can't just throw caution to the wind.

Nearly 300 children under 5 drown in swimming pools and spas each year, and more than 3,000 end up in the emergency room, the Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates. Here are six tips from the agency to safeguard your kids around the pool this summer.

1. Constantly monitor children around water, and always have a designated "pool watcher" on duty.

2. Learn to swim, and make sure your children learn, too.

3. Teach your children pool safety tips, like how to dive safely, use the slide and avoid drains or other suction outlets.

4. Keep small children from wandering into your backyard pool area un-supervised by erecting a 4-foot-high barrier with self-closing and self-latching gates—and ensure they always are closed.

5. Be prepared for an emergency by learning CPR, first aid and basic water rescue skills, and keep a phone with you at all times.

6. Avoid swallowing the water. Bacteria and chemicals in pools can make you sick.

Owning and operating a pool is a big responsibility, so take every step possible to prevent injuries in and around your pool or spa.

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Last Updated 04/10/2009