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A Move Toward Quitting

Quitting smoking is not easy, and it can be even harder to do alone. The physical addiction to nicotine and the entrenched habit of smoking that may have been a part of your life for many years makes it challenging when you want to quit – but NOT impossible. Research shows that 4-7 percent of smokers are able to quit without the help of support or medication. The good news is that studies have reported that about 25 percent of smokers who use one of the FDA-approved medications for quitting can stay smoke-free for six months or more. Adding counseling or other types of support can boost success rates even higher (1).

At Northwest Community Healthcare we’re here to support you along your journey to quit smoking. Whether this is your first attempt to quit, or you’ve tried multiple times, you’re not alone. Although only you can decide when you are ready to quit, and it is your hard work and motivation that will make it happen, NCH’s Tobacco Treatment Specialists are trained to counsel you in developing a personal plan using the best tools, resources and social support for you. This might include ways to counter weight gain, stress management or other strategies that will help you conquer obstacles that are preventing you from quitting smoking. Our specialists understand that quitting smoking requires breaking the nicotine addiction as well as making a major change in your behavior and lifestyle.

Quit Today

To begin leading a healthier lifestyle apart from smoking, sign up for Courage to Quit, a comprehensive tobacco treatment program held right here at NCH in Arlington Heights. Group and individual counseling is available.

If you have questions about our program and the counseling offered, call HealthConnection at 1-844-NCH-HEALTH.

Ongoing Support

NCH's Courage to Stay Smoke-Free Support Group is free and intended for anyone who wants to quit smoking, has already quit but needs support, or is thinking about quitting.

Why Quit?

  • Improving your overall health and lowering your risk of multiple diseases
  • Saving money – smoking is a costly habit
  • Improving your appearance – smoking gives you bad breath, stains your teeth and causes premature wrinkles
  • Regain years of your life that could be lost to smoking
  • Stop exposing those you care about to secondhand and third-hand smoke that can cause diseases even in those who don’t smoke themselves

Health Dangers of Smoking

In the United States, smoking:

  • Causes 87 percent of lung cancer deaths, 32 percent of coronary heart disease deaths, and 79 percent of all cases of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Causes one out of three cancer deaths
  • Increases the risk of colorectal and liver cancer and increases the failure rate of treatment for all cancers
  • Increases the risk of diabetes mellitus, rheumatoid arthritis and immune system weakness, increased risk of tuberculosis disease and death, ectopic (tubal) pregnancy and impaired fertility, cleft lip and palates in babies of women who smoke during early pregnancy, erectile dysfunction, and age-related macular degeneration
  • Diminishes overall health status, impairs immune function, and reduces quality of life (2)

Quick Facts About Smoking

  • Smoking-related diseases claim an estimated 480,000 American lives each year, including an estimated 42,000 deaths resulting from secondhand smoke exposure
  • On average, smokers die 10 years earlier than nonsmokers (3)


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