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Bone Metastases

What is Bone Metastases Cancer?

Cancer cells that break off from a primary tumor and enter the bloodstream can reach nearly all tissues of the body. Bones are a common place for these cancer cells to settle and start growing. Tumors that result from these cells entering the bones are called bone metastases.

Cancers that start in the bone are called primary bone cancers. These cancers are very different from bone metastases. Bone metastasis is actually much more common than primary bone cancers, especially in adults. (Source: American Cancer Society)

CyberKnife bone cancer treatments are typically performed on an outpatient basis with one to three treatments, requiring no overnight hospital stays. Most patients experience minimal to no side effects with a quick recovery time.

How is Bone Metastases Cancer Treated?

Stereotactic Body Radiosurgery Treatment (SBRT)
CyberKnife Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) delivers radiation in fewer treatments than conventional radiation therapy such as 3DCRT. Tumors that lie outside of the head and neck are more likely to move due to respiratory motion and natural movements of the body. This motion makes it very difficult to precisely deliver high stereotactic doses of radiation to an intended target. CyberKnife SBRT has the unique ability to compensate for these types of movements and effectively deliver radisurgery treatments to very small isolated areas.

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Last Updated 08/04/2009