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Promote Good Health In Your Community

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Creating a Community

Local real estate business invests in Mount Prospect by donating to NCH

When longtime Mount Prospect residents and experienced real estate agents Tom and Mary Zander opened their Picket Fence Realty office on Main Street in their hometown 10 years ago, they had long-term goals to do more than just make a living.

"It's a benefit to both work and live in the same community," Tom says. "We're not only selling real estate, but also forming relationships with our neighbors."

Tom says he believes the link between their roles as both business owners and residents makes it paramount that they operate the business with integrity and fully participate in community life. Recently, the Zanders expressed their deep commitment to a strong community by joining the Northwest Community Healthcare Foundation's President's Circle as business members.

The Importance of Investing in Healthcare

The President's Circle is a society of individuals, businesses, foundations and organizations that make an annual charitable gift to the hospital of $1,000 or more.

The couple joined at the invitation of President's Circle member David Lindgren, a senior vice president at First Merit Bank who, like the Zanders, also lives and works in Mount Prospect. They were motivated in part by their respect for Lindgren, as well as their excitement about the new NCH Health Center that opened up just down the street from them on Aug. 8.

Like many of their neighbors, the Zanders have had a variety of important family experiences at NCH, ranging from diagnostic procedures to surgery, and, sadly, the death of Tom's dad.

Tom says that, in terms of quality of care, "every experience we've had there was just awesome." They are delighted that NCH quality just got closer and more convenient with the opening of the NCH Health Center, located at 199 W. Rand Road in Mount Prospect.

Close to Home

As real estate professionals and business owners, the Zanders say they also feel strongly that a high-quality community hospital—with an outpatient facility in the neighborhood—is an invaluable asset and an important selling point for prospective homebuyers.

With so many personal and business reasons to support NCH, choosing to invest in excellent healthcare for their neighbors, friends and family by joining President's Circle just seemed natural to them. As the Zanders like to say, "A community is not just a place where you live. It's what you make of that place."

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Last Updated 04/10/2009