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Repairing The Damage

Find out how a new technique for knee resurfacing is helping patients recover more quickly and get back to the things they love.
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Feeling The Burn?

Heartburn isn't always something to shrug off. Learn how to find out if that pain in your chest could be a sign of something more serious. Read More

Four-Legged Friends

It turns out that dogs, cats and everything in between may be more than just our best friends—they could be helping us stay healthy. Read More

Thanks to YOU!

Thanks to the many votes we received from readers like you, Northwest Community Hospital has been selected to receive a LIVESTRONG® grant for certification in advanced palliative care. Click here to learn more.


Leader, Patient, Donor

Jack Lloyd has always received the care he needed at NCH. Now, he's giving back to make sure that same quality care is available for years to come.
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Pepper-Grilled Steak

Healthy steak? No, that's not an oxymoron. Check out our recipe for a tasty, good-for-you way to enjoy steak. Read More


(Food) Safety First

When it comes to eating well, good nutrition is half the battle—you want to make sure your food is safe too. Download this checklist and use the tips to make sure the meals you make are tasty and safe. Download



NCH is pleased to offer iTriage's FREE smartphone app that gives you access to vital medical information and services, such as finding the nearest ER from any location.

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Last Updated 04/10/2009