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Get On the Path to Better Health

In addition to a healthy diet, exercise is essential for good health. The NCH Wellness Center offers a convenient place to work out with a wide array of classes and services to make it even easier to fit exercise into your daily routine. Click here to learn more.

Workweek Eats

Having trouble sticking to a healthy diet Monday through Friday? Here's how to plan your meals for each part of your busy week

Monday night you're tired, Wednesday you're on the go, and Friday night you're ready to celebrate the weekend. Wouldn't it be nice if your dinner menu moved with the rhythm of your week? With a little planning, it can. Here's a guide to what to eat during the workweek.


Monday represents all that is wrong with the world. The weekend is over. Work deadlines await. And just thinking about the week's demands makes you hit the snooze button. Again. And again.

RELAX. We're about to make workweek re-entry a little more palatable, at least at the dinner table.

REINVENT LEFTOVERS. There are plenty of ways to serve leftovers without eating the same meal four days in a row. For dinner on Monday, reheat Sunday's roasted chicken and serve it on whole-wheat buns with barbecue sauce. Or serve it over pasta with fresh veggies. Or shred it and make it into a casserole.


By Hump Day, your mind is on the weekend, but your body has two more days to go. In fact, your spouse is working late, your son has basketball practice, and your daughter needs help with her algebra. You need a quick fix.

MAKE IT QUICK. Don't attempt to cook an involved meal when you're pressed for time; you'll only set yourself up for failure. Try these 30-minute ideas: penne pasta tossed with frozen vegetables or chicken stir-fry with instant brown rice. If on-the-go is what you need, pack turkey wraps with sliced carrots and celery.


TGIF, baby—it's time to celebrate! Whether you're in the mood to stay home or hit the town, here are a few Friday foods to consider.

PICK PIZZA. Many people order pizza on Friday, but why not make your own? Some stores sell pre-risen pizza dough in the bakery section. Add tomato paste, low-fat cheese and your favorite vegetable toppings and, voila, you have a healthy Friday night meal—and a fun family tradition.

INDULGE A LITTLE. Without the big rush to finish homework or hit the hay, maybe it's time to eat out. And if a less-than-healthy dish catches your eye, give yourself permission; after all, it's Friday. Indulge a little and kick off the weekend with the foods you love. Just don't overdo it. After all, just like the week before, Monday is sure to come around again.

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Last Updated 04/10/2009