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With expert care that fits your schedule, and quick results that calm your fears, there's never been a better time to schedule your mammogram at NCH. Call 847.618.3700 today.

A Better Chance at Beating Breast Cancer

When caught early, the odds of overcoming breast cancer increase. Find out how NCH can help you detect—and treat—the disease

In a real-time, right-now world, it's maddening to wait for mammography results. At Northwest Community Hospital's (NCH's) Breast Center, you don't have to. Women have the option of receiving their mammography results within an hour with NCH's Results by Request® signature service.

"We focus on the patient and try to accommodate her busy lifestyle and her schedule," says Christine Masonick, program manager at the NCH Breast Center. "We know that women want to get in, get their mammogram and get on with their day, but we also recognize how important it is for women to have peace of mind and know that they're healthy."

With Results by Request, the center brings experienced radiologists and advanced technology—such as full-screen digital mammography and ImageChecker® computer-aided detection—under the same roof.

Early detection is key for survival. Results by Request may encourage more women to schedule mammograms—and that is a good thing. "Mammography does lead to early detection," says breast surgeon Michael Kinney, MD. In fact, according to the American Cancer Society, when breast cancer is caught in its earliest stage, the five-year survival rate is a whopping 93 percent.

Early detection leads to better cosmetic appearance. "The latest push in the breast surgery community is to do 'oncoplastic surgery'—lumpectomy and reconstruction all at once," Dr. Kinney says. "With early detection, I'm going to have a greater chance of doing lumpectomy with less surgery, less pain, less hospital time, less cost—and better reconstruction for cosmetic appearance."

Quick path toward peace of mind. Results by Request offers fast results from a test often fraught with anxiety. "For many patients, the biggest anxiety with a mammogram is the time delay," says Allan Malmed, MD, medical director of the Breast Center and vice chief of Radiology at NCH. "With Results by Request, we've compressed a process that can take days down to just a few minutes."

Fast follow-up. At the Breast Center, if a suspicious mass requires a second look, a follow-up mammogram or breast ultrasound is often performed that same day. "There's a big difference in being afraid for five minutes or five weeks. Some places downtown schedule follow-up mammograms weeks down the road," Dr. Malmed says. "Further, if a patient needs a biopsy and wants it done right then, we close the loop. We can do the biopsy the same day and have results within two days."

Michael R. Kinney, MD

Michael R. Kinney, MD

Surgeon at NCH

  • Board-certified: General Surgery
  • Medical School: University of Illinois
  • Medical School, Internship, Residency and Fellowship: Loyola University

Allan S. Malmed, MD

Allan S. Malmed, MD

Vice Chief of Radiology at NCH and Medical Director of the Breast Center

  • Board-certified: Diagnostic Radiology
  • Medical School: Wake Forest University School of Medicine
  • Medical School, Internship, Residency and Fellowship: Loyola University

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Last Updated 04/10/2009