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Get Moving

Looking for a little extra workout motivation? Join us at the NCH Wellness Center, where you can opt for things like personal training, group exercise and Pilates reformer classes to help keep your routine interesting.

A Workout for Every Mood

For greater fitness success, tailor your exercise routine to your disposition

What we choose to wear on any given day reflects our mood, but it can also affect it. And the same goes for exercise. Day to day, moment to moment, your emotions are changing. If you want to exercise consistently, you need to learn to work with them. That means not forcing yourself to do the same old routine if you're not feeling up to it. You'll just get frustrated with yourself and want to quit. Of course, that doesn't mean you should opt for an hour on the couch, either. Even if you're having a down day, exercise will boost your mood. So depending on how you feel on any given day, try one of these workouts on for size.


Try: A group class or a semiprivate session with a trainer

Why it will work: Exercising with others will help you feel connected.

If you're looking for interaction, joining a group class is a no-brainer. But teaming up with a friend or family member for a personal training session works, too. The more intimate environment will allow you to talk and motivate each other. And splitting the cost for one-to-one help is a plus.


Try: Kickboxing or water aerobics

Why it will work: You'll get to work out your aggression—or be forced to relax. When angry, some people need to let it out. Maybe you scream or rough up a pillow. Next time, try taking your aggression out on a punching bag. Kickboxing offers a total body workout and allows you to leave your grievances at the gym. Another option, at the other end of the aggression spectrum, is water aerobics.


Try: Circuit training

Why it will work: You'll be done in 30 minutes. With little or no equipment, you can get a head-to-toe workout in your living room. Just set up five to seven exercises that work different parts of the body, such as lunges, pushups, crunches, arm curls (using weights or water bottles) and leg lifts. Rotate through until you've done three full sets of each. Between each rotation, do one to two minutes of cardio—jumping jacks, running in place or up-downs.


Try: Pilates, yoga or tai chi

Why it will work: Any mind-body activity that requires you to focus on your breathing can be an effective distraction from your worries. No matter what activity you choose, focus your attention inward. Be cognizant of the muscles you're using and the way your body adapts to different movements. Feel every breath, and listen to your heartbeat. Above all, remember that your workout is for you and you alone. Remember that and you'll have a clear mind in no time.

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Last Updated 04/10/2009