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Improving Care for the Community

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A Healing Environment

Radiation oncology campaign creates new atmosphere, brings improved technology

The NCH Foundation recently celebrated the success of its radiation oncology campaign and dedicated the department's newly renovated patient environment and 4-D wide-bore CT scanner.

Approximately 70 donors, volunteers, former and current patients, and board members attended the special dedication on Feb. 11. They were acknowledged for the $1.9 million in donations that made the department's new waiting area, exam and consultation rooms, and scanner a reality.

After CEO Steve Scogna welcomed guests, Janet Boyle, current chair of the NCH Foundation Board, and Diane Hill, former Foundation chair and current NCH Board member, thanked the community members, staff and physicians who worked together to raise the funds at a time when resources for capital are scarce in the healthcare industry.

Janet, a breast cancer survivor, talked about her experience as a patient and her desire to give back as a way to express her gratitude. She said the campaign and community's support were critical in creating the new healing environment at NCH and staying at the forefront in technology.

Stephen Nigh, MD, medical director of radiation oncology, expressed his gratitude to guests and described what the new space means for patients, families and staff. The new scanner and 4-D element, which provide capacity to track and adjust for respiratory movement, will enable NCH to plan for and treat patients in radiation oncology with unparalleled precision.

After the dedication ceremony, guests further celebrated their shared achievement for the community and toured the new spaces and technology that will benefit the nearly 1,500 patients served.

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Last Updated 04/10/2009