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From a welcoming voice to a friendly face giving directions, volunteers help make NCH a warmer, more caring place. Did you know that NCH has nearly 800 individuals volunteering their time and talent by working in over 80 hospital departments? These compassionate, caring people volunteer time to aid patients, families and friends (and staff!), making them a vital part of NCH.

NCH offers many volunteer opportunities. We welcome all volunteers age 16 and older, who are able to commit at least 4 hours per week, for a minimum of 6 months.

Volunteer Opportunities at NCH

NCH has numerous volunteer opportunities ranging from helping at the information desk to on the nursing floors. We treasure our volunteers and want them to have a meaningful and enjoyable experience. We match volunteers with opportunities based on their interests, talents and availability. Please keep in mind that assignments and their availability change frequently. The position you are interested in may not be available at the time you apply. We keep applications on file for one year and review them as positions become available.

We have volunteer positions seven days a week. The majority of our openings are available Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Evening and weekend positions are in high demand and have less availability.

General Opportunities

This list includes our general areas and opportunities. There may be additional opportunities not listed. Availability varies between positions. Call us at 847-618-4450 to learn more.

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Steps to Volunteer & Application

Read about the steps to becoming a volunteer and complete an application today. The process to get started takes about 4-6 weeks.

1. Complete a volunteer application – The adult application consists of four parts; application, medical release form, acknowledgement form and confidentiality statement. All parts must be submitted in order for your application to be reviewed.

High School Volunteers – Please complete the Student Application.

Completed applications can be scanned and emailed to, dropped off to the Guest Services Department (near the Main Entrance) or mailed to:

Guest Services Department
Northwest Community Healthcare
800 W. Central Rd.
Arlington Heights, IL 60005

2. Upon receipt of your application, we will review it based on your interests and availability with our current openings. If there is a match, we will contact you for an interview. We appreciate your understanding that as much as we would like to accommodate all applicants, we are not able to accept everyone. We keep applications on file for one year and review them as positions become available.

3. Volunteer interest interview – The interest interview is an opportunity for us to meet you and learn more about your interests. It is also an opportunity to learn about all the different volunteer opportunities we have at NCH so we can see if we can make a match! It lasts about 20-30 minutes. A volunteer position may be assigned to you during the interview depending on interest and availability.

4. Volunteer orientation – After acceptance into the program, you will need to complete the online orientation.

5. Background check – Once you’ve completed the orientation guide, you will be required to complete a criminal background check. The cost of the check is covered by NCH.

6. Complete all health requirements – If you are cleared from the background check, you will be required to complete all health requirements:

  • One-Step TB (tuberculosis) test. We will accept proof of test with negative reading, if within the last year.
  • Proof of vaccinations (for those born after 1/31/1957) that includes Varicella (chicken pox), Rubella (German measles), Rubeola (measles) and Mumps, or agree to get the listed vaccinations.
  • Proof of influenza (flu) vaccine or agree to receive the vaccine at our facility during the flu season (usually August through March).

7. Volunteer badge – Once you have been cleared by Employee & Occupational Health, you will go to Human Resources to get your badge.

8. Schedule first day and training – After these steps have been taken and you have been cleared to volunteer, the Volunteer Department will work with you to schedule your first day and training. On your first day, you will receive your uniform, either a smock jacket or polo.

Complete a volunteer application today!

Volunteer Opportunities

Contact the Guest Services Department

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