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Breast health specialists here for you

Our breast patient navigators work with all patients having a breast biopsy at Northwest Community Hospital by preparing you, assisting with the procedure and guiding you through the results and follow-up process. The patient navigators serve as a consistent care coordinator throughout your care, assessing your physical, psychological and social needs—no matter the results of the biopsy.

Get support throughout your breast cancer journey

NCH breast patient navigators are certified nurses who will guide both you and your family throughout your breast cancer journey. They act as a proactive link between you and your physicians and ensure that everyone is informed about your care and well-being. Your breast patient  navigator will:

  • Answer all of your questions and provide support any time you need it
  • Coordinate your care and treatment scheduling
  • Aid with financial issues
  • Explain procedures—before you have them
  • Help you and your family understand your diagnosis and treatment options
  • Provide information about services and resources you may need

Get a better picture of your treatment options with a second opinion

If you are diagnosed at another healthcare facility with breast cancer, our navigators can provide a thorough second opinion of your diagnosis and treatment options. With knowledge about the latest technologies and treatment options—paired with access to our multidisciplinary team of doctors—NCH breast patient navigators play a vital role as we review your diagnosis and provide personalized recommendations.  Call today: 847-618-5880.

Supporting breast health in the community

In addition to serving your needs while receiving care at the NCH Breast Center, breast patient navigators collaborate with our oncology social worker to facilitate support groups for breast cancer survivors here at NCH.

In the community, the navigators build awareness of breast health practices and act as community educators for early detection of breast disease.

NCH patient navigators are also involved in research when patients are enrolled in clinical trials, and they use current research to improve patient care.

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Breast Nurse Navigator Team

Meet Your Breast Patient Navigators


Christine Masonick, RN, BS, OCN

Breast Program Manager and Breast Patient Navigator

Over the past decade, Christine has worked closely with physicians and hospital leadership to develop and maintain a comprehensive breast program at NCH. Privileged to be one of the first nurse navigators in Illinois, Christine continues to educate and empower women throughout their breast cancer journeys.

Christine holds a certification in oncology and as a breast health specialist. In 2000, the American Cancer Society awarded Christine with the Distinguished Service Award for the success of the "Tell a Friend" campaign—a mammography awareness and outreach initiative. She has also received grants from the Susan G. Komen foundation to develop educational materials and online computer programs for the education of women experiencing breast cancer. Christine is involved in research studies and actively seeks opportunities that could benefit women diagnosed with breast cancer.


Sandra Hoffman, APN, MSN

Breast Patient Navigator

Sandy is an advanced practice nurse with 30 years of experience in development and consultation of multidisciplinary clinics for cancer care. She is a certified women's health nurse practitioner with expertise in breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Sandy obtained her Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in nursing from Northern Illinois University.

If you or someone you love has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, find out how you can get expert care, close to home, along with personal support from our breast patient navigators. Call the NCH Breast Center today at 847-618-5880 and ask to speak with a patient navigator.