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Community Hosted Events

CommYOUnity Hosted Events

Throughout the year, many grateful patients, local businesses, school groups and others host fundraisers and donate the proceeds to NCH, directly affecting and enhancing the care that our patients receive. People choose to host fundraisers for many different reasons. Some have experienced exceptional care from a doctor or nurse during an illness or they want to give back so that others can receive the same level of care they did. Often, schools or social groups look for ways to help the community. Still others want to get involved in philanthropy to give back to their community. No matter the motivation, the common goal is this: to provide quality healthcare for our family, friends and neighbors. In the last three years alone, over $100,000 has been raised to support NCH.

If you’d like to honor the memory of a loved one or provide philanthropic support to NCH, please consider hosting a fundraising event. Some fundraising ideas include bowling parties, concerts, golf tournaments, wine tastings, tennis tournaments, bake sales and walks/runs. Virtually any type of event where you can gather friends, family and community for a common goal is a great way to show your gratitude and give back.

If you have questions about how you can help NCH continue to deliver excellent healthcare close to home, please call the Foundation at 847-618-4260 or email


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10 Big Steps Leading to a Successful Community Hosted Special Event

1. Submit your Special Event Application – by completing the Event Application, you can share your story; tell us about your plans, your reasons and your timeline. All fundraising events benefitting NCH must be approved in advance by NCH Foundation. Please submit your application at least three weeks prior to your event.

2. Gather your friends and family to form a planning committee – the excitement and energy from the people who will help you plan and organize the event increases the success and fun of your event.

3. Brainstorm – have fun with this, get creative, choose the ‘right’ event. What will your friends, family and neighbors most want to attend and support?

4. Identify your audience – create an invitation list, prospective participants and identify any local businesses that could get involved.

5. Establish goals – Have realistic and measurable financial goals. Everyone has more fun when they have a measurable goal to work toward.

6. Set the date – and begin the countdown.

7. Develop a budget – identify sources of income and expenses. Try to secure in-kind products and services that will help keep your costs down.

8. Open a bank account – Your event may need to establish its own bank account to accommodate incoming revenue and expenses. This can be done by visiting a local bank and establishing a business account under your event’s name.

9. Collect the funds – whether it is point of sale collections, donations from generous people or check made out directly to NCH Foundation. Good record keeping is important, ask one member of your planning committee to be the treasurer.

10. Thank…thank….thank YOU and your guests! Please know how much we all appreciate your work on our patients' behalf. Be sure to acknowledge everyone that participated in or supported your event and let them know the total dollars donated to NCH.



Community Hosted Fundraisers FAQ

 What is a Community Hosted or 3rd party fundraising event?

It happens when you, as a community member, want to show your appreciation for NCH’s excellent care of yourself or a loved one—or support an NCH live-saving program that is close to your heart. You can do this by hosting a special fundraising event or selling items and donating a portion of the proceeds, or by participating in a sporting event and asking your friends and family to donate to NCH in support of your passion.

 Where in the hospital will my donation go?

100% of the funds raised will go to the cause you and our staff have selected.

 Can I use NCH’s tax exemption number?

No, this is a ruling by the IRS that states only NCH Foundation employees can use our tax ID.

 How do I open a bank account for my event?

All separate bank accounts must be opened in the host’s (your) name. You may not use NCH’s name on any bank accounts. The event organizer is responsible for all event expenses.

 Will you help me get a permit for my event?

The organization and execution of the event is the responsibility of its event organizer. You must obtain any necessary permits, insurance or licenses.

 Can someone from the Foundation or hospital attend or help me plan our event?

We enjoy working with our fundraisers by providing guidance and ideas, but due to our small foundation staff we are limited on the amount of time we can spend on your event. Remember: this is your event, this is your chance to make it yours. We hope that you will take the time to enjoy the planning, the big day/night and know that it is your passion that leads to the success.

 Will someone from NCH attend our check presentation?

We would be proud to have a representative attend your check presentation. It may not always be feasible for staff to attend, but we have many board members and volunteers who would be excited to be part of something this meaningful.

 How long before I hear after submitting my fundraiser proposal?

Proposals will be acknowledged within five business days of receipt, but in many cases you can expect to hear from a member of our team much sooner.