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What does "DO" mean? Get answer

What's the difference between a "DO" and "MD"? Get answer

What is a "PA-C?" Get answer

What is an "NP"? Get answer

What type of patients do PA-Cs or NP at NCH Medical Group see? Get answer

Can I register as a new patient with any NCH Medical Group physician? Get answer

What do I need to bring to my first appointment? Get answer

Do you need my records from my former doctor? Get answer

I'm moving, and another NCH Medical Group office would be more convenient. Can I switch to another physician at a different office? Get answer

If my doctor is out of the office or booked on the day I need to be seen, can I see another NCH Medical Group doctor? Get answer

I need a refill on a prescription from my local pharmacy that needs approval from the physician. Should I call the office or the pharmacy? Get answer

If my doctor wants me to have blood tests, do I have to go to the hospital, or can you do them at the office? Get answer

Can I get a copy of my test results? Get answer

Which hospitals are affiliated with NCH Medical Group? Get answer

If I'm in the hospital, will my NCH Medical Group primary care physician visit me there? Get answer

I have a question on my bill, who do I call? Get answer

Will I be charged if I miss my appointment? Get answer

Who do I contact if I have a complaint? Get answer