NCH Medical Group

Refill My Prescription

We closely monitor our patients.

In order to provide our patients with the highest quality medical care, it is necessary to closely monitor our patients who take medications for chronic conditions.

Patients on any chronic medication will be required to have labs or a visit at least once a year or more frequently as ordered by your NCH Medical Group Primary Care Provider.

When a refill is required:

  • Please call your pharmacy and ask them to contact us electronically.
  • If you use a mail order pharmacy, we will also prescribe electronically or provide you with the written prescriptions to mail.

If your prescription runs out prior to your Lab or Visit, you will be given a 30 day supply. An appointment for labs or a visit will be required for any additional refills.

Please make your next visit appointment as you check out.

The NCH Medical Group encourages you to schedule a comprehensive visit once a year with your physician to update your medical history, receive your ongoing preventive health plan recommendations, and to manage your chronic conditions. All refills can also be managed at your annual appointment.