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Jacqueline Corboy

Jacqueline Corboy, M.D.

Pediatric Emergency Medicine

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Board Certification(s)

Pediatric Emergency MedicinePediatrics


Other Organization(s)

Lurie Children's Pediatric ED

Medical School

University of Medicine and Dentistry New Jersey


Columbia Presbyterian Babie's and Children's Hospital


Columbia Presbyterian Babie's and Children's Hospital


Children's Hospital of Boston

Location 1

800 W. Central Rd.
Arlington Heights IL 60005
Phone: 847-618-3960
Fax: 847-618-3969

Primary Specialty

Pediatric Emergency Medicine



Secondary-Drowning: What Is It and What Do You Really Need to Know?

By Jacqueline Corboy, MD Picture yourself in this scenario: backyard BBQ, children (lots of them!), sun, a pool and adults EVERYWHERE. Someone’s got an eye on the kids, right? You are enjoying your burger and a cold beverage, laughing at a joke, when moments later you hear a scream. You look over at the pool and see your child floating in the pool.

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Seeing Spots: Understanding Measles Signs and Symptoms

Your 15-month old has had a fever, runny nose and cough for a few days and she just isn’t getting better. This morning you notice a deep red rash that started on her face and is now all over her body.  Do you need to worry about measles? Yes! 

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