During Nurses’ Week and always: NCH nurses ROCK!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

NCH nurses

Ever wonder what sets NCH nurses apart from all the others? Read what these seven NCH all-stars say about nursing and the profound effect it has had on their lives.

Jill K., Women’s and Children’s Services

I love what I do because: Every day is an opportunity to make a difference in a life. I have the honor of walking the journey of grief with patients in their darkest times. Then, I get to celebrate during their happiest times.

How nursing has changed me: Nursing has taught me so much about myself. I am a deeply compassionate critical thinker because of nursing.

Favorite memory: My coworkers and I being drenched in amniotic fluid. Head to toe! I've never seen anything like it and never laughed so hard in my career.

I became a nurse because: When a dear friend’s baby died, her nurses took such amazing care of her. From that moment I knew this was my purpose in life.

Nenette C., Women and Infants Unit

Why I love what I do: Nursing gives me the ability to help people. It is very rewarding to make a difference in someone else's life.

How nursing has changed me: I have become more patient and forgiving.

Favorite nursing memory: My very first letter from a patient a month after working as a nurse.

Three words that describe the best nurses: Advocate, caring, strong

I decided to be a nurse because: Nursing is a profession of integrity and compassion.

Kim C., Post-Surgical Unit

Why I love what I do: Nursing gives me the opportunity to help those in need.

Favorite nursing memory: I had a patient who was in isolation on our unit for three months. We all became very close to this sweet man. During his stay all he talked about was having a Lou Malnati’s pizza. On his last day (he was going home to hospice), the other nurses helped me take him out on the balcony, and we surprised him with a pizza party! I will never forget the look on his face.

I decided to become a nurse because: I was a unit secretary, and I couldn't stand being behind the desk! I watched the nurses I worked with, and I wanted to be just like them. It was the best thing I ever did.

Debbie L., Medical Group, Lake Zurich

Why I love what I do: Patients are usually very kind when you help them navigate the complicated world of healthcare.

How nursing has changed me: I have more confidence and compassion in all aspects of my life.

Favorite nursing memory: Seeing a patient leave the hospital after he had been shot four times when he was just buying a pack of gum at the gas station.

I decided to be a nurse because: I have always enjoyed people and the medical field.

Diane R., 8 South, Orthopedics

Why I love what I do: Every day is different, challenging and rewarding! It is amazing how healthcare delivery has changed since I first became a nurse.

Favorite memory: Years ago on Christmas Eve, a young man in his 20s was in septic shock in ICU. I left work that evening and was doubtful that Joe would survive the night. Our critical care team worked tirelessly, and he eventually recovered. Joe came back to visit that July, and I still have a Polaroid picture of Joe and I hugging each other.

I decided to become a nurse because: My mom was my inspiration! She was a labor and delivery nurse, a caring professional who was never afraid to speak up for her patients.

Mary Webb, Medical Group

Why I love what I do: Because it helps people. In my current job, I am a little more removed from patients, but I still think like a nurse and do everything to make the patient’s life better.

How nursing has changed me: Makes me appreciate life more and not take things for granted.

Three words that describe the best nurses: Caring, nice, smart

I decided to be a nurse because: I can’t imagine doing anything else. What we put in is so little compared to what we get back. What other profession can say that? I’d be a nurse again, in a heartbeat!

Susan Wood, Northwest Community EMS System

Why I love what I do: I was an emergency nurse for many years and loved it. Now, I use my talents and abilities to help others be the best that they can be doing their jobs. I love the ‘reinvention’ of my nursing career for the purpose of teaching people to care for others.

Favorite nursing memory: I appreciated the times that I could help family members during the loss of a loved one or when I could ensure the dignity of dying patients in their final hours. I never wanted anyone to think they were alone.

Two words that describe the best nurses: Endlessly hardworking

I decided to be a nurse because: I wanted to serve others.



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