Squat, rock and roll at NCH Wellness Center’s new outdoor area

‘The Yard’ features rig, tank, slam balls and more

Thursday, April 11, 2019

The NCH Wellness Center at 900 W. Central Road on the Northwest Community Hospital campus is enhancing its premier medical state-of-the-art fitness center by adding an outdoor area for cardio, strength and agility training.

Photo credit: Torque USA

"The Yard" is expected to open this spring and will offer the benefit of exercising outdoors, inspiring hours of activities. According to the American Council on Exercise, workouts that take place outside can improve mood, reduce depression and connect people with nature.

Members will exercise with battle ropes, step boxes, medicine balls, a giant tire and a tank sled. One dynamic 24-foot rig is the centerpiece of it all, according to NCH Wellness Center Fitness Manager Jackie Baumann.

"We're building excitement in the outside area with a functional training support system that allows 12 to 14 people to work out simultaneously," Baumann says. "It offers a squat rack station, landmine, plyometric steps, suspension trainers and slam balls."

Airdyne® bikes, dumbbells and plates also are available. The Tank, a power sled on wheels, will likely be a popular feature.

"The Tank is the evolution of all surface sleds and has a double braking system that allows different resistance levels to be set depending on which side you’re pushing or pulling from," Baumann explains. "Feeling the resistance increase with speed causes a ‘wow’ reaction and unique exercise experience that users love."

Now that the ground is finally thawed and the April snowstorm is behind us, work should begin soon on installing the equipment on the east side of the building in an area fenced in for privacy. 

Baumann has been working at the center since its inception in 1996 and believes this addition will provide members with the ability to gain the additional health benefits of enjoying the outdoors.

"We are excited to offer our members alternatives to stay motivated and advance their fitness levels," Baumann says.

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