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The Only Health Trend Worth Following

For a lifetime of better health, try a philosophy built on nutrition, movement, and lifestyle behaviors.

Adopting healthier habits can often seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Anyone can achieve better health habits through simple changes. Better health happens with both a positive mindset and a proper strategy built around the pillars of wellness: nutrition, movement, sleep and stress balance.

Diet trends that claim quick and easy weight loss are often ineffective over the long-term. While following the latest weight loss trend can plant a seed of motivation to become healthier, these trends fail to nurture that seed into sustainable change. What is essential for improved health is consistently living a life designed around daily health habits that improve physical function, energy, and longevity.

Why do the latest diet trends fail over the long-term? Because they are overly-restrictive, do not consider your unique needs, and do not align with your preferences. We can overcome the shortfalls of diet trends by simply aligning daily actions with our vision for a healthier lifestyle. With time and patience, anyone can align their eating, movement, and lifestyle habits with their true desire for better health.

The Pillars of Health and Wellness

Go beyond short-term weight loss and move toward sustainable health change.

The major components of healthy behavior are those that enable the body and mind to work cohesively toward a life of vitality, optimal daily function, and longevity. These components are nutrition, movement or exercise (fitness), and lifestyle behaviors (e.g., sleep patterns, hydration, stress, relationships, and finances). All of these components are necessary to reach full health potential.

The knowledge that all of these components—which take time, energy, planning, and discipline—must be considered often makes the prospect of health behavior change overwhelming and intimidating, and so people turn to a health trend. However, once you begin to view health as an approachable challenge that can be overcome with a personalized strategy, then real change occurs. Unfortunately, often these components are approached incompletely or in isolation of the others through off-the-shelf, quick-fix trends. People often judge the people promoting these trends and think ‘if I follow this trend, I’ll look just like them.’ This is false for two reasons. First, what works for others might not work for you. We need to recognize that every body is different. Second, the people representing those ideal pictures of health have achieved that by practicing healthy behavior over a long period of time. There are simply no quick fixes in health.

So, How Do We Get Started?

Those individuals that you aspire to look like, those exemplary models of health promoting the latest trends, achieved it the same way you will: by starting at the beginning. They understand what is needed to make health behaviors align with desired long-term outcomes. They have consistently practiced these behaviors, and they have done so with a specific goal in mind. While these models of health may use the trends that they sell, this is in addition to an existing cohesive health plan they follow. Realizing that the people idolized for health did not get there overnight can shift your mindset to a more realistic place to start this journey.

Behaviors in one area of health have a direct impact on outcomes in other areas. They do not effectively change or improve in isolation since nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle behaviors are interrelated and inseparable. Nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle is to the human as sun, water, and carbon dioxide is to the plant. We need all of them to grow and thrive. For a plant it appears to be easy; all of the necessary ingredients are there. In contrast, humans have it much more difficult. It becomes increasingly difficult over time to give adequate attention to all the life-giving elements: nutrition, fitness and lifestyle behavior. The most effective philosophy for true health change, and one that NCH Concierge embodies, is to consider all components of health together, in an integrative fashion that’s both practical and applicable to the individual.

The final trend in health is making simple and sustainable changes

Set yourself up for success. Taking on too many goals is unrealistic. Start slow and work your way up. Many of us know what is required to reach our optimal health goal, but we cannot expect to do it all at once. When we do that, we often fail and fall back to our old habits until our poor health choices drives us to try again.

To reach our desired health outcome, small inputs of nutritional improvement, physical activity, and lifestyle behaviors accumulated steadily over the years will provide the best results. It takes patient, systematic change. Health practices need to be built into our lives, not the other way around. Select strategies that align with your unique physiological and social needs, and are, therefore, sustainable by design. Don’t be afraid to start. Shift your mindset and commit to the journey. A life full of vitality, functionality, and longevity can be so rewarding!

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