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Pre-Registration and Scheduling Information

Here, you can schedule outpatient tests and procedures with just one phone call.

Choose an appointment time that fits your routine, and your doctor can fax the order(s) for your test(s) to NCH ahead of time.


Monday through Friday 7am - 7pm
Saturday, 9am - 1pm

Before you call, make sure you have your insurance card available, as well as a referral form or authorization and physician order (if you were given one). Physician orders can also be faxed to 847-618-3709.

Signature Service Check-in

When you schedule in advance for your outpatient test or procedure, you may qualify for Signature Service Check-in. This service allows you to skip the registration process when you arrive at Northwest Community Hospital for your outpatient test or procedure. All you need to provide is your signature! This applies only to outpatient tests and procedures performed at Northwest Community Hospital.

Pre-Admission Testing -- For Patients Requiring Anesthesia

If you are having surgery that requires anesthesia, you need to meet with the Pre-admission Testing (PAT) department prior to your procedure or surgery. We need to ensure that you are healthy enough to safely receive anesthesia.

This appointment is separate from any appointment you may be required to make with your primary care physician, surgeon or specialist prior to your procedure. At PAT, you will meet with an anesthesiologist and nurse to discuss your health history and any previous procedures that included anesthesia. Be sure to tell the nurse or physician about any medications you are taking, and any allergies or past adverse reactions to medications or anesthesia. You may also need to take a blood test, urinalysis, EKG, blood pressure or chest X-ray. 

You will receive a phone call from an NCH representative to schedule your PAT appointment as well as pre-register you for your procedure or surgery. Be sure to contact your insurance company prior to your procedure to verify whether pre-certification is needed. Depending on your insurance plan, separate pre-certification may be required for your procedure, your doctor, and your anesthesiologist. If you have questions about pre-admission testing, please call 847-618-7250.

Have questions about pre-admission testing? See our FAQ.

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