NCH Back and Spine Clinic led by Dr. Benjamin Hasan opens

NCH Back and Spine Clinic led by Dr. Benjamin Hasan opens

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Dr. Benjamin Hasan

Did you know that you can now refer patients presenting with neck, back or spine pain to our new NCH Back and Spine Clinic?

NCH combined the different specialties and technology already in place at the hospital to open the NCH Back and Spine Clinic to serve patients with back, neck and spine issues using a multidisciplinary approach. Benjamin Hasan, M.D., board-certified Family and Sports Medicine Physician and Medical Director of the NCH Back and Spine Clinic, answers common questions about pain and what to expect from the new clinic.

What can a person expect at the NCH Back and Spine Clinic?

When patients come to the clinic we can provide multiple types of medical personnel to help diagnose and treat them. Initial evaluations are with the doctor and Medical Director of the clinic (Dr. Hasan). After the exam, imaging studies are conducted to make a diagnosis.

Once a diagnosis is made, a treatment plan is put into place and the patients move on to see one of the specialists within the clinic (physical therapists, neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, radiologists and or physiatrists).

What are the different treatment options in the NCH Back and Spine Clinic?

At the NCH Back and Spine Clinic, our treatment options range from simple hands on soft tissue treatments to surgically implanted treatments. The most common issues we treat are soft tissue – chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, stretching and strengthening exercises and soft tissue injections. We also offer advanced treatment options for disc and pain problems such as steroid injections and surgical implants.

What conditions are associated with back/spine pain?

A large variety of conditions can cause back problems. The most common conditions are soft tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments) strains and sprains that come from lifting too much weight or falling.

Other conditions last longer and may stem from disc problems where vertebral discs that sit between the vertebral bodies push on major nerves and cause fragments of the disc material to travel along the spine.

The more rare conditions are infections, tumors and growths around the spine. Other associated conditions are stress and compression fractures. There is a wide variety of conditions associated with back and spine pain that we are able to identify, diagnose and treat quickly at the NCH Back and Spine Clinic.

What are the different types and categories of back pain and which ones require medical attention?

We categorize back pain as problems with the nerves, bones, soft tissue or as a medical condition manifesting as a back, neck or spine issue. Back pain can be acute or chronic.

If a patient experiences sudden pain, a new injury or new medical problem, we call that acute. If pain has been ongoing on for more than two months and simply not getting better, we call that chronic and the patient should see a doctor. Chronic problems require more attention, a better diagnosis and treatment modalities.

The NCH Back and Spine Clinic is located at 1700 W. Central Road in Arlington Heights. For more information or to refer a patient, call 847-259-6200.