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Hospice begins when a terminally ill person chooses care options focused on comfort and symptom relief rather than on a cure. Hospice care focuses on your quality of life — living with dignity, free of pain and other distressing symptoms — as well as providing psychosocial and spiritual support for you and your loved ones. Hospice care is usually provided where the person lives, but sometimes 24-hour intensive hospice care is required. To meet that need, we have partnered with JourneyCare® Hospice Care Center to offer dignified medical care in a comfortable, homelike environment.  Our hospice suites are located on the ninth floor of the East Pavilion.

Is hospice care right for you or a loved one?

When a patient is diagnosed with a life-limiting illness, it makes sense to consider all of the care options available, including hospice. Study after study has determined that while hospice remains the most compassionate and cost-effective care for people at the end of life, patients usually enter hospice too late to fully benefit from it.

Predicting life expectancy isn't an exact science. Sometimes patients improve and are discharged from hospice care. Hospice care may be resumed later if the patient's condition warrants it. In other instances, a patient may continue to benefit from hospice care longer than originally planned. At any time, a patient may choose to leave hospice care to resume curative treatment or seek other advice.

Hospice offers a wide range of medical care and supportive services. Occasionally, a referral to hospice care is delayed in order to give curative treatments more time to work or to keep up a patient's morale. That's why it's important for patients and their physicians to have discussions about hospice care early on so that an individual's wishes regarding end-of-life care are known.

How to get a hospice care consultation

While most patients are referred by their physicians, anyone can initiate hospice care. A JourneyCare® representative can come to you to discuss hospice and determine a plan of care that meets your needs. Admission to hospice is based on a physician's and hospice medical director's judgment that hospice care is appropriate for an individual. NCH and JourneyCare® Hospice Care Center will coordinate all of the details related to transitioning to the hospice suite.

Financial Considerations

  • The Medicare Hospice Benefit will cover the cost of inpatient hospice care as long as you remain medically eligible. (The same coverage applies to Medicaid.)
  • If you have private insurance, the JourneyCare® staff will work with your insurance provider to determine your benefits.
  • Financial assistance and charity care are available.

Services and amenities provided in JourneyCare® Hospice Suite at NCH:

  • Each of the seven private patient rooms includes a TV and daybed for overnight visits.
  • Your interdisciplinary team of JourneyCare® nurses, physicians, chaplains, social workers, music therapists and volunteers will focus on your medical and psychosocial needs—24 hours a day.
  • We will work with your own physician, who will continue to be a key member of your hospice team.
  • Staff will assist you with bathing, grooming and other personal care needs.
  • Families and friends are welcome 24 hours a day. There are no age restrictions. Pets are also welcome.
  • A kitchenette is available with a microwave and refrigerator for refreshment.
  • The family lounge includes a television and Wi-Fi access.
  • The meditation room is a place for reflection or to find calm and solace.
  • A clinical support room is used for private family consultation with staff.
  • Our volunteers offer companionship to you and your loved ones.
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Specialized hospice care is offered 24 hours a day and is provided by an interdisciplinary team of professionals trained in hospice care including physicians, nurses, social workers, chaplains, music therapists, music thanatologists and volunteers.

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