Complimentary Classes

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Complimentary Classes

The NCH Wellness Center offers a variety of free classes every week, including:

  • Conditioning and Strength Training Classes, such as Total Body Training, Step Challenge, and TABATA
  • Spin Classes, such as Threshold Ride and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) the Road
  • Aquatic Classes and Open Swim, such as Aqua Cardio Blast, and Aqua Tone, plus
  • Mind/Body Classes, such as Gentle Flow Yoga, Warrior Sculpt and Pilates
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Class Listing

Conditioning and Strength Training


There are no stair steppers to keep you from achieving that next level, no treadmills to keep you running in place. Instead, AMRAP provides a group setting for motivation, making your workouts constantly varied, fun and intense. With AMRAP, you will never feel as if you went to the gym and didn't attain anything; every session provides an intense strength workout, guaranteed to push you both physically and mentally. More importantly, you'll see those results you've been looking for.

3D Motion

Build a healthy foundation of body awareness through basic functional movements in all 3 planes of motion with an emphasis on breathing.

Goal: Body awareness, enhance functional movements, improved range of motion, improved flexibility, and improved balance.

Participants: Mostly beginner, all levels welcome.

Results Expected: Improved functional mobility patterns, ROM, flexibility and balance.

Attack the Ball

An intense workout focusing on the use of medicine balls, bosu’s and physio balls. Increase your strength and improve your definition while working your muscular endurance. All fitness levels welcome.

Goal: Increased cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance, improved core strength and stability

Participants: Intermediate to advanced level

Chi Motion

This low impact aerobics class will integrate mind/body fitness through Tai Chi, yoga, and dance inspired movements.

Class Goal: Increased cardiovascular endurance, improved balance and stability. Move the body through full range of motion and increase strength in all planes of movement.

Participants: Beginner, Intermediate


Ignite is a fast-paced metabolic conditioning class that will push you to your limits with high intensity cardio intervals interspersed with muscle-defining moves. This high intensity total body workout won’t just destroy calories and burn fat, but will continue to do so for hours after completion.

Suitable for intermediate to advanced fitness levels.

Express Ride

High energy, fast paced spin cardio challenge including hills, drills, and sprints for 30 minutes

Goal: Increased cardiovascular endurance

Participants: Beginner to intermediate

Extreme Ride

45 minutes of drill-work focusing on trunk stabilization and strengthening as well as cardiovascular conditioning.

Goal: Increased cardiovascular endurance

Participants: Beginner to intermediate

Final Cut

This functional training class tones and sculpts the body using bars, dumbbells, resistance bands, bosus and stability balls.

Goal: Increased muscular strength, muscle toning

Participants: Beginner to intermediate

Functional Strength and Balance

Functional Training allows our body to move un-restricted with no boundaries. This class allows us to move in all planes of motion and integrate our whole body. Functional training encompasses multiple planes of motion and strengthens the body in various patterns of movement to mimic real life movements of sport and daily activities. This class incorporates minimal equipment to challenge your body and balance.

Goal: This class is designed to help make everyday activities easier by increasing your balance and strength with both traditional and functional exercises that anyone can do.

Participants: Mostly beginner, all levels welcome

HIIT The Road

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) on a stationary bike including interval training techniques. This ride blows by as you groove and move to the music. Ride through a musical journey as you burn calories and build up a sweat performing intense interval work efforts.

Goal: Increased cardiovascular endurance and anaerobic threshold

Participants: Beginner to advanced level

Kickboxing Intervals

Jab, upper cut, hook and kick! Are you up for a challenge? This is a cardio class that has high energy and motivation. All fitness levels are welcome. Develop new skills and a strong core in this fierce-but-fun class. Combinations of upper- and lower-body strikes, blocks and athletic drills make up this killer cardio workout.

Goal: Toning of arms, legs, glutes, back and core and improved cardiovascular endurance.

Participants: All levels welcome

Let It Go Hi/Lo

Let it go with high- or low-impact aerobics! May include core and balance exercises towards the end of the class.

Goal: Increased cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and balance.

Participants: Beginner to advanced level

Muscle Stability

This class will help develop functional strength, muscular endurance and core stability which will improve overall balance and stability. Ending with a 10 minute stretch enhancing flexibility and promoting muscle relaxation. Leave class feeling energized all day!

Goal: Improved stability, improved athletic performance, helps strengthen small muscle groups to prevent injury.

Participants: Beginner to Intermediate


Come and shift your workout into overdrive. This interval training class pushes you to the next level of fitness by featuring a variety of techniques that accelerate the workout then provides brief recovery periods to provide a total body workout with maximum results.

Goal: Cardiovascular endurance, burn fat, increase muscle strength and performance.

Participants: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced level

Power Circuit

4-6 stations; each one features a distinct workout technique/equipment to provide energy, power, strength, endurance, and core stability.

Goal: As you move from station to station, this class will provide you with a balanced mixture of cardio and weight resistance while targeting all your major muscle groups. Power Circuit is a great total body workout that maximizes calorie burn!

Participants: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advance

Pure Step

All step classes are not created equal! Pure Step combines traditional step moves with dance choreography for 60 minutes of non-stop groove.

Goal: Increased cardiovascular endurance and core strength

Participants: Intermediate to advanced level

RIPPED Express

This 30 minute Express class is your one stop body shock that combines easy, yet effective cardio bursts, interlaced with weights and resistance work total body core workout. This class ends with focused core work!

Goal: Tone, sculpt, and strengthen your body with primary focus on core throughout the workout!

Participants: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Step Challenge

A classic, high intensity fat burning exercise using an adjustable platform. This class is faster and more intense than regular step workouts. This class is a choreographed class that involves advanced step combinations.

Goal: Increased cardiovascular endurance

Participants: Intermediate – Advanced

*Step Class experience recommended

Strictly Abs

Standing functional core training combined with floor abdominal exercises to give you a vigorous core strengthening experience.

Goal: Increase core strength, improve balance and stability.

Participants: All levels


50 minutes class that combines intervals of 20 seconds of all out effort of cardio or strength exercises followed by a 10 second rest, repeated for 4 minutes. This high intensity interval class will sculpt tone and strengthen the entire body as well as improve your cardiovascular endurance.

Goal: Improved muscular strength and endurance, improved cardiovascular endurance.

Participants: Intermediate to Advanced

Threshold Ride

Threshold is the point where something begins to change; the point that brings results, new strength and increased power. Taught on a stationary bike, you will climb, sprint, and train to incredible music and extraordinary instruction.

Goal: Increased cardiovascular endurance

Participants: Beginner to advanced level

Total Body Training

This class uses a variety of formats (and beats!) to keep you motivated while improving your overall fitness. Total Body Training keeps you moving by providing cardio combinations and total body strength training to improve your aerobic fitness! By training with free-weights, resistance-bands, and body-weight this quick workout will give you an exciting range of strengthening, stretching, balance, and core exercises.

Goal: Improved muscular strength and endurance, improved cardiovascular endurance

Participants: All levels

Ultimate Conditioning

Your muscular strength and endurance will be tested when combined with cardiovascular movement. This total body workout is challenging for all fitness levels!

Goal: Increased cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength and endurance, improved core strength and stability

Participants: Intermediate to advanced level


We take the work out of workout by mixing low and high intensity moves for an interval style, calorie burning dance fitness class. Zumba uses a variety of styles in routines including Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton, Cha-cha, Pop and many more. Once the Latin and World rhythms take over, you will see why Zumba is often called exercise in disguise. No dance experience required.

Goal: Increased cardiovascular endurance, toning of arms, core, legs, and glutes.

Participants: Beginner to advanced levels

Aquatic Classes

Aqua Cardio Blast

A challenging class that will keep you moving with intense cardio and strength movements using the full benefit of the water's resistance.

Aqua Intervals

Using different intensity intervals from high energy to recovery you will be able to increase endurance and strength. Interval times vary in each class, instructors keep your body guessing and continuously challenge you in the water!

Aqua Mix

A true mix of equipment and balance moves to improve cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility. Enjoy water exercise that provides cardio, strength and toning benefits. This class will use buoyant or resistive equipment and is designed for all levels of fitness wanting a great full body cardio workout, ends with flexibility and stretching. Get your body in motion!

Aqua Strong

This class provides a combination of high intensity cardiovascular and strength moves to make you stronger. You will use a variety resistance training equipment in the water to challenge every muscle group.

Aqua Tone

This aquatic exercise class will enhance muscular tone, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance. Using the resistance of the water, water weights, swimming noodles, and additional equipment, the class provides cross-training options for all levels while reducing the impact on joints and without sacrificing the intensity. All participants can benefit from a moderate to challenging workout based on any fitness level.

Fluid Motion

This warm water class is low intensity focusing on posture, stretching and coordination movements to increase fluid movement and decrease stiffness.


Tabata training is a popular high-intensity interval training format consisting of 20 seconds of all-out, intense work followed by 10 seconds of passive recovery. HIIT protocols such as Tabata are effective and promising for exercisers whose goals are weight loss and performance enhancement. Water exercise is a great nonimpact fitness experience that includes full-body movements. Combine the two and you have a powerful HIIT workout that features all the intensity without the impact and joint stress!

Mind/Body Classes

Mind/Body Classes

Modifications are given in every class to accommodate all levels.

Gentle Flow Yoga

This class provides a combination of healthy alignment and the freedom to play within familiar and new poses. From beginners to seasoned practitioners, this class hopes to broaden the range of capabilities of each person through the instruction of alignment and breath. This physical practice is offered with some yoga philosophy, breath work and meditation. This is an excellent introduction for new students and also great for the intermediate/experienced student looking to fine tune their practice.

Pilates Mat

Improve core strength, balance and stability with Pilates Mat work. Special attention will be given to form and breathing patterns with exercises.

Purifying Flow

A rhythmic and devotional flow practice where you can explore every pose. This class offers a dynamic flow practiced with mindful rhythm while also encouraging students to focus on breath control. As we coordinate breath and movement and flow through sequences designed to stimulate both the physical and energy bodies, we begin to understand the true meaning and benefit of yoga! Open to all experience levels, some yoga experience recommended. Modifications will be provided.

Restorative Flow

Busy? Come slow down and nourish yourself! Restorative yoga is the use of props to support the body in positions of ease and comfort to facilitate relaxation and health. In this class, we will settle into some supported floor poses while releasing tension, gently breathing, and allowing gravity to draw us towards the steadiness of the earth underneath. All of the organ systems in the body are benefited during deep relaxation, and a few of the measurable results of deep relaxation are the reduction of blood pressure, stress-hormone levels, and blood sugar levels, as well as improvement in digestion, the reduction of muscle tension, insomnia, anxiety, and generalized fatigue. This class is a practice of actively cultivating the attitude of letting go and will help teach you to learn how to deeply relax. Leave feeling refreshed and restored! All levels welcome.

Restore & Flow

This transformative yoga class integrates movement, breath, energy cultivation, and mind/body awareness. We will practice many simple but powerful ways to create an energetic opening, while increasing and balancing the flow of energy throughout our bodies and minds.

From beginners to seasoned practitioners, this class hopes to broaden the range of capabilities of each person through the instruction of alignment and breath. This physical practice is offered with some yoga philosophy, breath work and meditation. This is an excellent introduction for new students and also great for the intermediate/experienced student looking to fine tune their practice.

Sunrise Yoga

Whether you spring out of bed ready to take on the day or find yourself frequently fighting that alarm, a morning yoga practice can be an exhilarating challenge that sets your day for success both mentally and physically! This early morning, flow-based practice is suitable for all levels, with many modifications to put the intensity in your hands, depending on how you feel that morning. All levels welcome. Come take the challenge to rise and shine!

Vinyasa Flow

An energizing yoga practice involving movement through a sequence of poses (asanas) coordinated with the breath. Vinyasa Flow is a practice that will promote strength, stamina, and endurance, as well as, flexibility, poise, and relaxation. This class is geared towards intermediate practitioners. Expect to move with your breath and focus your attention; this well balanced flow class will get you out of your head and into your body and your breath; all levels always welcome, modifications always given.

Warrior Flow

A fitness-based approach to Vinyasa style flow. Students will focus on linking conscious breath with a vigorous and mindful flow. In a power yoga class, students will build strength, flexibility and concentration while cleansing the body and calming the mind. Warrior Flow is a heat and strength building workout combined with breath work.

Recommended for students with at least 3 months of consistent vinyasa practice. Modifications given.

Warrior Sculpt

This high-energy class will tone, lengthen and strengthen your entire body combining yoga with a low impact and high intensity cardio that uses your own body weight and light free weights to tone and sculpt your muscles. This unique class leaves you feeling stronger, gives you more energy and sculpts your body in all the right places!

Goal: Increased cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength and endurance, improved core strength and stability

Participants: Intermediate to advanced level

Yoga Basic

This class is being offered to those who are completely new to Yoga. Learn the basics of Hatha Yoga with practice in breath for relaxation, slow movements, and gentle stretching into basic poses including the sun salutation.

Yoga Fusion

Yoga Fusion combines yoga, pilates, and barre into an experience designed to sculpt, slim and stretch your entire body. With a strong focus on lengthening your muscles, sculpting and restoring the core and increasing flexibility. Yoga Fusion is the right fusion of movements to deliver the perfect balance for your body and soul. All levels welcome.


This class combines pilates and yoga for a total body workout focused on toning the glutes, thighs and stomach. This low-impact workout will increase your fitness level. Develop your core strength and stabilization through pilates poses, and improve your flexibility, muscular strength, posture and alignment through yoga poses, breathing and relaxation. There is an emphasis on creating that “long, lean, dancer body” as well as cultivating a centered focused mind. What more could you ask for?

Goal: Increased total body muscle tone and strength.

Participants: All levels