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The MedFit Program is a 60-day guided exercise program customized to your specific fitness goals, dedicated to improving your overall health and wellness and developing healthy habits for life. The program conforms to the guiding principles of Exercise is Medicine™, shared by the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Medical Association, to encourage physical activity and exercise in healthcare settings.

To join or learn more, call our Clinical Fitness Specialist at 847-618-3505 or send an email to

Download Physician Consent Form

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Program cost is $60 for 60 days. (Valued at $695.)

Some restrictions apply.

This program requires physician consent. Download the physician consent form for your healthcare provider.

Referrals can also be made by physicians, nurses and therapists by placing an order through EPIC. Ask your healthcare provider for more information. Children ages 5–15 can participate with a same-sex parent. The MedFit program cannot be repeated.

What's included?

  • Full Wellness Center membership
  • Fitness assessment
  • Personal training session
  • Monthly wellness lectures
  • Unlimited group exercise classes
  • Access to indoor aquatics center
  • Massage session
  • Pilates session
  • Fitness re-assessment
  • Ongoing support
  • Free child care
  • Discounted membership options
By the numbers

The MedFit Program
by the numbers

Total pounds lost: 3318 lbs.
Total body fat % lost: 1194%
Total inches lost (waist and hips): 1536"
(December 2016 - December 2018)
Manju's Story

Manju's Story

Like so many of us, Manju Patel longed to lose weight, have more energy and feel all-around healthier. Even simple tasks like closing the blinds had become a challenge for her because of shoulder pain.

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