Wellness Programs

Prevent Osteopenia/Osteoporosis

Prevent Osteopenial

One of the best ways to strengthen your bones and prevent osteoporosis is by getting regular exercise. Let the NCH Wellness Center help you achieve your goal.

  • Even if you already have osteoporosis, exercising can help maintain the bone mass you have. You also build and maintain the amount and thickness of your bones. You may hear health professionals call this “bone mass and density.” The Wellness Center offers many classes and programs to prevent and stop the progression of osteoporosis.
  • Personal Training-Working under the supervision of one of our certified personal trainers is the safest, most effective way to prevent and stop the progression of osteoporosis.
  • Nutritional Education-The food that you eat can affect your bones. Learning about the foods that are rich in calcium, vitamin D and other nutrients that are important for your bone health and overall health will help you make healthier food choices every day.
  • Resting Metabolic Rate Testing (RMR)-Learn exactly how many calories you need to consume each day with this medically-based breath test.
  • Pilates-Pilates focuses on building core strength, increasing flexibility, improving coordination and balance, and enhancing alignment, posture and body awareness. If you have osteoporosis, Pilates can be an effective part of your regular exercise program.
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