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Membership Information

An Investment in Your Wellness

Our facility is open for those 16 years of age and older. Membership provides you access to the facility and more than 100 group exercise classes per week. In addition, you are entitled to an individual goal evaluation and equipment orientation to become familiar with the Wellness Center and proper usage of our exercise equipment.

Registration Information

We encourage prospective members to visit and tour the Wellness Center. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call the Membership Department at 847-618-3620.

Membership Monthly Dues:

Single $84
Single +1* $124
Family Add-On** $43
Student (age 16-25) $63
Senior (age 62-74) $67
Senior +1 (age 62-74)*** $108
Senior (age 75+) $59
Senior +1 (age 75+)*** $96

*Applies only to family members residing in the same household.
**Applies to membership with two or more existing members living in the same household. Proof of residence required. Ages 16-25 only.
***Both members must be in the same age category to qualify for the rate.

  • A limited number of lockers are available for rental. Pricing is as follows:
  • Lower half locker $10/month
  • Upper half locker $20/month
  • Full locker $30/month

Membership Options:

  • 12-Month Membership
    No enrollment fee
    Monthly EFT payments
    Initial 12-month commitment
    Membership becomes month-to-month with no cancellation penalty after completion of initial 12-month commitment

  • Month-to-Month Membership
    $150 enrollment fee per person
    Monthly EFT payments
    No time commitment

  • Short Term Memberships
    1 Day $20
    1 Week $50
    2 Weeks $75
    3 Weeks $100
    1 Month $125
    2 Months $250
    3 Months $375


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Policies & Rules

 Leave of Absence

Written notification for a Leave of Absence is required by the 15th of previous month before LOA begins. All Leave of Absences begin on the 1st of the month and resume on the 1st of a month.

LOA requests will not be taken over the phone; signature is required.

A LOA is for a minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 6 months on a rolling 12 month basis.

$8 maintenance fee will be charged per month during the LOA period.

The number of month(s) I am on a leave of absence do not count toward my initial 12-month commitment.

If one person on a membership is on a leave of absence, the remaining member pays the current individual rate. If a member goes on the leave of absence during their first 12 months of membership and has a 12-month commitment, the commitment expiration date will be extended by the number of months of the leave of absence. Payment of dues will automatically resume at the conclusion of the leave of absence.


Written requests for cancellations received on or before the 15th of the current month will be honored on the last day of the month. Cancellations received on or after the 16th of the current month will be honored on the last day of the following month. Members who are contractually committed to 12 months of membership will pay a $150 per person cancellation fee if the cancel before that commitment has been fulfilled. Members may either fax a signed letter of cancellation to 847-618-3628 or visit the Membership office to sign cancellation paperwork. Requests for cancellations will not be taken over the phone.


The Wellness Center does not issue refunds for membership dues. Credit will be applied toward future membership dues only.

 Member Referral Program

Current members who refer new members earn a $50 membership credit, which is applied to their next month's dues. Referral credit is only awarded for a new membership, not for adding a member to an existing membership.

 Wellness Center Etiquette

Proper etiquette throughout the fitness center and pool will make everyone's experience more enjoyable.

 Cell Phone Usage

To ensure the privacy, safety and a pleasant experience for all members and guests, cell phones may not be used in the locker rooms.

 Fitness Floor Etiquette

Share Equipment - allow other members to work in while resting between sets

Unload Your Weight Bar - remove all weight plates from the bar after use

Return Weights - return weights (plates or dumbbells) to the designated spot

Wipe Off Equipment - use provided gym wipes on machines or benches

 Group Exercise Etiquette

Be Prompt - arrive on time for class

Stay the Duration - please stay until the end of class; leaving before the end of class is disruptive to other members

Attire - proper clothing and shoes are required

 Aquatics Etiquette

Shower - Please take a soap shower before entering any of the pools or the whirlpool

Be Respectful - Refrain from any boisterous activity, creating noise or using a lane in such a way that is disruptive to other members. Arrive on time for class and limit personal conversations during class. Do not spit or spout water into the pool or gutter.

Heat Safety - Please be aware that over-exposure to heat can be hazardous to your health. The Illinois Department of Public Health recommends using a sauna, steam room or whirlpool for no more than 15 minutes at a time. If you feel faint, light-headed or dizzy at any time, move to a cooler area immediately. Refrain from using the sauna, steam room or whirlpool if you have any of the following conditions: high blood pressure, heart problems, pregnancy, or diabetes.

 Locker Room Etiquette

Cell Phone Usage - The use of cell phones in the locker rooms is strictly prohibited.

Locker Rooms - Please dispose of used towels in the receptacles provided throughout the locker rooms.

Lockers - Please use only one locker during your visit. Items left in lockers (with the exception of rented lockers) overnight will be confiscated.

Showers - Please be respectful of other members who may be waiting to take a shower. Reserving a shower is strictly prohibited and may result in confiscation of those items left in the shower.

Steam Room - In accordance with sanitary requirements, shaving or performing other personal grooming acts in the steam room are strictly prohibited.

Sauna - In accordance with sanitary requirements, shaving or performing other personal grooming acts in the sauna are strictly prohibited.

Children - Parents bringing children in for swim lessons or during family hours may only use the family locker room. Keys for family lockers are available at the Service Desk.

Contact the Membership office at 847-618-3620 for any membership policy questions.

Guest Visits

We encourage all prospective members to visit the Wellness Center to receive a tour and information on membership. Daily passes and short-term memberships are available for purchase in the membership office. Guests can use the entire facility and attend all group exercise classes. Guests must sign a waiver and release of liability and present a valid picture I.D. (driver's license or high school I.D.) Guests under the age of 18 are required to have a parent or guardian accompany them into the facility to sign a minor release form.