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Outpatient Oncology Social Worker

Patients and their families can turn to the outpatient oncology social worker for counseling and other practical services. It also includes how to talk to your family and friends about your illness. Practical services include transportation to treatment, financial assistance resources, insurance, employment concerns, Social Security benefits, obtaining a wig, and help in the home. The social worker can also provide information about the NCH cancer support groups and educational programs.

Kim Jensen
Oncology Social Worker

Kim Jensen, LCSW, OSW-C is a master’s prepared clinician with nearly 40 years of experience as a social worker. She is currently in the cancer services department as the outpatient oncology social worker. Her patients are grateful for her compassion and support as she provides them with counseling services to help them through treatment decisions, fears, depression, and worries related to a cancer diagnosis. Kim provides her patients with resources so they can focus on dealing with their treatment. She also manages the NCH cancer support groups, cancer survivorship classes, wig boutique and the annual Cancer Survivor Celebration.

“I have never had cancer,” she says, “but I am so grateful I get to work with patients who show such strength as they go through their treatment. I learn so much from each patient I come in contact with and hope that in turn I have learned the importance of enjoying today for today as none of us are promised tomorrow.”