Wound and
Ostomy Care

We provide the highest level of medical services for problematic, hard-to-heal wounds. Our wound-care certified providers and experienced clinicians evaluate wounds using evidence-based standards to develop an individualized treatment plan that will give you the best care when you need it most. In addition to advanced therapies, we can provide you with patient/caregiver education and recommendations. Appointments are required at our Wound Center. To learn more or make an appointment, call 847-618-3231.

Expert and Compassionate Care
  • Advanced techniques to promote wound healing
  • Care plan developed in conjunction with you, your primary care physician, nurses, therapists, dietitians and diabetic educators
  • Home treatment coordinated with our Home Healthcare Services
  • Physicians and nurses extensively trained in wound management and ostomy care
  • Treatment coordinated with inpatient wound-care nurses
Medical Coverage

Our services are covered under Medicare and most other insurance plans.

  • A physician order for “Evaluate and Treat” with a diagnosis may be faxed to 847-618-3229
  • HMO insurance recipients must have a referral prior to scheduling
  • Please contact your insurance provider regarding your plan benefits
  • We handle the billing
Conditions We Treat
Treatment Options
  • Advanced wound care treatment
    Use of advanced wound care products, dressings and treatments to promote and maintain wound healing
  • Compression therapy
    Treatments that decrease and prevent fluid buildup in the legs
  • Negative-pressure therapy
    A controlled application of pressure to a wound that promotes healing
  • Wound debridement
    Removal of dead, devitalized or contaminated tissue and any foreign material from a wound
Wound Care Treatment Locations
NCH Wound Center
NCH Wound Center

800 W. Central Road

Floor 8

Arlington Heights, IL 60005


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