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Community event highlights stroke awareness at Northwest Community Healthcare (NCH)

May 3, 2018

Free food, chair yoga and lectures

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It’s critical to know the signs of a stroke and act fast. Northwest Community Healthcare (NCH) is presenting a free community event to educate the public about the warning signs of a stroke, but more importantly, how to prevent stroke. The event takes place from 5 to 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 23 in the NCH Auditorium, 800 W. Central Rd.

The evening will kick off with a health fair, food and giveaways from 5 to 5:30 p.m. Four NCH stroke specialists and two stroke survivors will follow, giving educational presentations. Join NCH Neurologist Saju Abraham, M.D.; Director of Stroke and Neurointervention Ali Shaibani, M.D.; Director of the NCH Rehabilitation Care Unit Rahul Sharma, M.D.; and NCH Neurosurgeon Ryan Zengou, M.D., who will detail the care, treatments and advanced technologies used to treat stroke patients at NCH.

Also included in the presentations are two recovering stroke patients – a 36-year-old woman and a 71-year-old man – who will share their stories and experiences with treatment and recovery. The importance of exercise to prevent stroke will be discussed and participants will get an opportunity to learn chair yoga from a healthcare professional. 

New guidelines from the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association suggest stroke patients may now benefit from treatment up to 24 hours after the onset of symptoms, greatly extending the time from the previous six-hour window. Northwest Community Hospital (NCH) is one of only a few hospitals in Illinois to implement the new protocol based on these guidelines, allowing for life-saving clot removal by an endovascular procedure or mechanical thrombectomy to minimize and prevent brain damage from stroke.

Seating for the event is limited and pre-registration is required. Register online at  or call Health Connection at 847-618-4968.