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Giving back to the community in more ways than one

April 17, 2020

It’s no secret that when we experience a crisis it affects our way of life in numerous ways. If we look at all the charities out in full force―soliciting donations and distributing aid―we see that during this pandemic there are many needs, including but not limited to personal protection equipment (PPE) and medical supply shortages, support for those out of work and food for low income children not receiving their school lunch.

Early in this pandemic, NCH Foundation established a COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund and an Employee Emergency Relief Fund. This provided our community members and regular supporters a way to help make a difference for the many healthcare workers on the front lines, as well as patients affected by this disease.

We recently spoke to President’s Circle (NCH’s premier giving society) members Alan and Jan Travis of Arlington Heights about why they chose to support NCH Foundation at this time.

The Travis family has quite a history with NCH, beginning with Jan’s parents’ involvement in establishing the hospital. In their youth, both of the Travis children were treated at NCH for broken bones and stitches. They grew up to marry and have children of their own (five between them, two delivered at NCH).

It was a natural decision for the Travis family to support NCH. “Many of our family and friends go to NCH for their medical needs. We know that if any of them get the virus, NCH will be their hospital,” shares Alan.

If the Travis’ seem familiar to you, you might have met Alan. For the last eight years he has volunteered on Thursday afternoons at the Busse Center, driving the Care Cart and helping discharge patients from the GI Center.

“I try to chat with guests as I am driving them to their destination and usually ask how they like NCH,” says Alan. “I love hearing glowing reviews about the doctors, nurses and staff, and that’s when I make my plug about being a community hospital and how lucky we are to have this beautiful facility in Arlington Heights. We actually see the impact our contributions have on the hospital.”

Alan shared a story that exemplifies why NCH is their provider of choice. Once, while in Wauconda, Jan fell on the ice and broke her ankle. They would only consider driving back to NCH for care. “The NCH ED staff was great, and while registering, the attendant thanked us graciously for being President’s Circle members. Surgery was required, and the doctor and nurses were excellent, as was the follow-up care. We knew she was in great hands during her stay.”

Would you like to join the Travis’ by supporting your friends and neighbors being treated for COVID-19 or to provide resources to NCH staff members on the front lines during the coronavirus? Visit or call the NCH Foundation at 847-618-4260.