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Honoring our emergency nurses: Emergency Nurses Week

October 15, 2020

This year, the Emergency Nurses Association is celebrating Emergency Nurses Week October 11 through 17. Emergency Nurses Day® is Wednesday, October 14.

Since 1989, the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) has recognized the second Wednesday in October as Emergency Nurses Day, a day honoring emergency nurses for their commitment to patient care. In 2001, ENA expanded the celebration to devote an entire week to honoring emergency nurses, because one day is simply not enough to recognize all contributions made by emergency nurses.

We’d like to introduce you to three NCH Emergency Department nurses:

Christa Costales, R.N., BSN
Seven years at NCH
North Park University

NCH influencer: “I had worked on 9 South for more than two years, but wanted a new challenge. So former night shift nursing supervisor Denise Krantz suggested that I apply for a position in the Emergency Department (ED). I had never imagined myself being an ED nurse, but Denise had shared numerous stories of her time working in the ED and how she thought I’d like it. I’ve been in the ED almost five years now and can’t thank her enough for encouraging me to get outside of my comfort zone.” 

What inspires or motivates you: “Working in the ED has its challenges and has taught me how to think quickly and critically. You never know what type of patient will roll in from the ambulance bay or walk through triage, but that’s what makes the ED interesting. We take care of all ages from birth to end-of-life and we are the first contacts for many patients as they come into NCH. The uncertainty makes our day-to-day job more adventurous and keeps us on our toes. We work hand-in-hand with physicians and mid-level providers that include our input towards patient prognosis. I love being able to advocate for my patients and make a difference in their care. There are sad moments just as there are happy ones, but that’s what makes being an ED nurse rewarding.” 

Alejandra “Alee” Ramos-Alcantara, CEN, ECRN, TNS, ACLS, PALS, BLS
Three years at NCH
BSN at St. Paul College of Manila, Philippines

NCH influencer: “Ms. Connie Mattera was one of my educators and working at NCH with her became my dream. She delivers her trainings with proficiency and passion for her craft. She’s a very good representative of how NCH takes confidence and gives significance on how well their staff are trained and educated in every aspect of their field. It enables them to render the best quality of care to every patient as well their families.” 

What inspires or motivates you: “I have found emergency nursing to be an incredibly rewarding field. It has taught me leadership, critical thinking and communication, while broadening my knowledge, skills and expertise in a variety of specialties. It’s every day learning that gives me the opportunity to expand my nursing knowledge and skills to be able to provide the best possible care to my patients. Also it enhances my professionalism, communication and critical thinking to better collaborate with my colleagues and other departments to make sure patients receive appropriate care.

I am blessed and take pride to be part of Northwest Community Hospital.”

Jonathan Hidalgo Recinto, R.N., MSN, CCRN, ECRN, TNCC, TNS
10 years at NCH
BSN earned from Far Eastern University, Philippines
MSN earned from Grand Canyon University, USA

NCH influencer: “Lynn Quinn trained me to be a good leader and a good listener. And, that every little bit of kindness and compassion goes a long way.”

What inspires or motivates you: “Knowing that the work we do here in the ER makes a difference and touches someone’s life.”