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Is it safe to get urgent care?

August 20, 2020

Our Immediate Care Centers are fully prepared and ready to safely welcome you back, following guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and public health authorities, using the best practices for hygiene, infection control and social distancing. We asked some ICC employees why patients should feel comfortable coming to one of our ICCs for care. Don’t wait to be well. 

Larissa Bruno – Patient Access Specialist
Mount Prospect ICC
With NCH two and a half years

For the safety of all, our locations have a screener at the entrance who will take your temperature and go over a series of COVID-19 screening questions upon your arrival. Our ICCs are a safe and convenient way for patients to address immediate health concerns when their primary care doctor is unavailable or in the evenings and on weekends.

Devora R. Glazer, R.N. – Clinical Care Coordinator
Kildeer ICC
With NCH 24 years

We pride ourselves on how clean and beautiful our facility is. All staff complies with PPE protection guidelines. Our workspaces are all new and that has created a great atmosphere. Every room is staged for patient care with individual space for the family and the patients. And the rooms are cleaned after every patient.

Our ICCs are a great alternative to going to an emergency room or seeing a primary care physician for sprains, strains, a sore throat, fractures and ear/nose/throat complaints. We see our patients in a timely manner to minimize any potential exposure to COVID-19.

Mary Ireland – Patient Access Specialist II
Kildeer ICC
With NCH six years

We maintain CDC guidelines, including those for social distancing, wearing a mask at all times and eye protection (when necessary), frequent hand washing, cleaning and disinfecting all computer stations, pens, etc.

In the time our ICC has been open, I have been able to see a real sense of teamwork in the care, coordination and communication among the staff, ensuring optimal patient flow and satisfaction. All of us truly do care and exhibit compassion to patients every day. As frontline workers, we go out of our way to make patients feel welcome, safe and confident they are receiving the best care possible. Smiling eyes behind the mask goes a long way.

Anna Kawa, PA-C – Physician Assistant
All ICC locations (but mainly Occupational Health Services and Mount Prospect)
With NCH seven years

NCH is still a safe place to come in with health problems during the pandemic. We have screening in place at the door of each Immediate Care Center. If patients are symptomatic, they are directed to return to their car to be screened further by the nurse and the provider on the phone. Only after that initial evaluation will the patient be brought inside the clinic for further evaluation and treatment. Everybody in the clinic is required to wear mask, appropriate PPE and wash hands frequently. All the rooms are disinfected after each patient. Each employee monitors symptoms and sick employees are not allowed to work. We assure that each patient is treated with the highest standard of safety and care.

Laura Lunkes – Patient Access Specialist II
Mount Prospect ICC
With NCH nine years

One way we protect patients health is by providing hand sanitizer and masks for everyone who needs it. We work as a team to keep the waiting room clean and sanitized. Our Patient Access Specialists communicate well with the clinical staff in order to prioritize health needs.

We are a friendly and professional staff that can accommodate a variety of conditions and can help you see a doctor during extended hours.

Dan Rosen, ASCP – Lead ICC Lab Specialist
Buffalo Grove and Mount Prospect ICCs
With NCH six years

When asked why someone would choose our ICCs for care, I tell them “WE ARE SAFE!” Also, other illnesses haven’t taken a break just because COVID-19 is around. I’m high-risk myself and have two little kids at home, but I feel safe coming to work every day. There is ample PPE and cleaning supplies. The measures taken to ensure patient and staff safety are top notch! We understand the uneasiness people may feel in this type of setting, but from my experience I assure you it’s safe and you shouldn’t delay your healthcare.

Jennifer Sabath, D.O.
Kildeer ICC
With NCH 11 years

Our ICCs are open long hours every day of the year for the benefit of our community. We are able to care for most acute issues such as broken bones, lacerations, acute musculoskeletal injuries, bacterial and viral infections, ear nose and throat issues, skin problems, eye problems and more. Our staff can see all ages from babies to great grandparents, and we love the variety they present.

Since the outbreak of COVID, we have taken a number of measures to protect our patients and staff. All patients are screened upon arrival for abnormal vital signs and risk factors for COVID, we ensure they are wearing proper protective gear (masks namely) and we do not have people wait in the waiting room due to social distancing.

Any patient with symptoms suspicious for COVID-19 are seen via a telemedicine visit to decrease the risk of exposure to our staff and other patients. These patients are then referred, if necessary, to the COVID Clinic where the staff is fully prepared and protected to maintain safety for their patients and staff.

The ICC is a great place to seek treatment for non-emergency issues, where the wait time can be a little less than the ER, and where your comfort and safety is our priority. We also have access to various specialty services and a primary care office on site to help create continuity for our ICC patients who need it.

We have gotten to know and enjoy the community we serve and we look forward to continuing to do so for years to come. Our doors are open, come by any time!

Stephanie Saletnik, R.N., BSN, CMSRN – Clinical Care Coordinator
Mount Prospect ICC
With NCH 11 months

The majority of registration for our ICCs is completed over the phone to minimize potential exposure time to our patients and staff. Additionally, we are limiting the amount of patients in our waiting room. If all rooms are full, we kindly ask stable patients to wait in their car until a room becomes available.

Patients should choose to come to our ICCs for affordability, timeliness, convenience and friendly staff.

June Sittiwong – Medical Assistant
Schaumburg ICC
With NCH nine years

Coming to our ICCs is convenient. Patients can come to us without an appointment. With us, it is first-in, first-served. Every patient gets the same high-quality service from our staff and providers. We treat patients like they are family. Many of our staff members are bilingual, so we are able to communicate in many different languages. We also have interpreters available. Finally, we are obsessed with keeping our facility clean for the protection of our patients. We constantly clean our equipment to ensure that it is not contaminated, and all surfaces are cleaned. No one needs to be worried about visiting our ICCs.

Dany Mamou, M.D.
Buffalo Grove ICC
With NCH more than three years

Since COVID-19 started I have been working with my team and ICC leadership to formulate a plan to keep our site safe for patients and staff. We apply all CDC recommendations for social distancing and we have developed an extreme plan for that.

All patients and staff are screened and socially distanced, patients with suspected COVID-19 are taken immediately to specific rooms to keep other patients safe and we constantly disinfect all surfaces and we use PPE.

Patients with no symptoms of COVID are taken to a different disinfected area. We don’t keep more than one patient in the waiting room and we limit visitors.

I encourage our patients to come to the ICC and get their medical needs taken care of in a timely manner.