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Medical Group Spotlight: Margarita G. Valdecantos, M.D.

March 31, 2021

Born in the Philippines, Margarita G. Valdecantos, M.D. has been in family practice with NCH’s Medical Group since 2017. Although Dr. Valdecantos treats patients of all ages, she is especially interested in women’s health and preventive medicine.

What brought you to Northwest Community Healthcare?
I moved to the U.S. in 2005 to pursue further medical training and decided to stay in the Chicago area since I have extended family here. I have lived in Arlington Heights since then and working at NCH gives me the opportunity to serve this wonderful community.

Why did you decide family medicine was the specialty you wanted to pursue?
I chose family medicine because I am able to address medical needs for the entire family – children, parents and grandparents. 

Why should a potential new patient choose you as their Primary Care Provider?
I am here to provide the best care possible in partnership with the patient. This means being compassionate and a good listener so that patients feel comfortable discussing their concerns with me.

What about your job brings you joy?
When I see my patients get healthier and happier. 

What do you like to do on your off work hours?
I enjoy traveling and exploring new cuisines with my husband and two wonderful children. Traveling abroad is always a treat for me as it enables me to learn about and appreciate different cultures. During my first trip to Europe, I was fascinated by how Parisians take time and enjoy their meals. You see them leisurely enjoying their lunch or sipping espresso while people watching outside the cafes. Japan is faster paced and the locals are very respectful. You will not hear loud voices in the train, even in rush hour, as a sign of respect to all passengers.

Are there any traditions from the Philippines that you really miss?
I miss the Christmas traditions in the Philippines. You start hearing Christmas songs as early as September and it really gets me in a festive mood.

What do you believe is the most important key to children’s health? 
It is important for children to practice good eating habits, such as having vegetables with meals and limiting sweets. Nutrition is just as important as being physically active and exercising. Educating the young generation early about their health can help our society’s problems with obesity and diabetes.

What is your best, one piece of advice that holds true for all patients, regardless of age?
My best advice for patients is to have good sleeping habits to recharge your mental and physical health. I personally make sure that I get at least eight hours of sleep to prepare for the next day.

What one healthy living tip would you like all patients to understand?
Health is wealth. See your doctor at least once a year for physical or preventive visit.

Dr. Valdecantos is accepting new patients. She takes appointments at 5999 New Wilke Road, Suite 200 in Rolling Meadows. She can be reached at (847) 618-0800.