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NCH launches Cardio-Oncology Program

May 24, 2017

NCH recently introduced a Cardio-Oncology Program to help patients undergoing certain types of cancer treatment prevent, or treat and monitor, cardiovascular-related issues.

The program is the result of a collaborative effort between the Oncology and Cardiology teams to provide superior care to our patients.

“I would like to recognize Dr. Brian Albert and Dr. Alan Spiegel for their contributions to establish this program, in addition to the whole team of nurses and administrators,” says Dr. Stephen Nigh. “Dr. Michael Bauer, Dr. Gary Kay and Dr. Richard Siegel were also instrumental in designing the program.”

The program requires multiple tests throughout the year. Tests can include:

  • A baseline echocardiogram and lab workup
  • A follow-up echocardiogram and lab workup three to six months later, as determined by the patient’s oncologist
  • A follow-up cardiologist appointment may be required 24 to 48 hours following any tests

All testing must be performed at NCH.

To get started:

  • The patient’s oncologist must call and fax an order to NCH Outpatient Scheduling.
    Phone: 847-618-2775
    Fax: 847-618-3709
  • NCH Outpatient Scheduling will follow up with the patient to schedule their tests, or the patient can contact Outpatient Scheduling at 847-618-2775 at their convenience.

Outpatient scheduling hours:
Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Insurance authorizations and referrals may be required prior to testing. If the patient’s insurance requires labs to be performed at other locations, the physician will need to provide a separate order for the lab.