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NCH Robotics Institute is taking robotic surgery to a new level

August 31, 2017

NCH has three robotics systems and ranks among Illinois’ top facilities for robotic procedures, with more than 800 procedures performed each year. The Robotics Institute focuses on quality and patient safety, and uses outcomes data to drive improvement.

The NCH Robotics Institute is at the forefront of robotics technology and is home to nationally recognized surgeons who perform the latest, advanced robotics procedures for the following specialties: thoracic, general surgery, colorectal, gynecological, gynecologic oncology and urology.

Compared to conventional surgery, potential benefits of da Vinci® Single-Site procedures include smaller incisions, minimal scarring, less pain, less blood loss and faster recovery from surgery. The da Vinci technology is used to perform minimally invasive surgical procedures for a variety of conditions. Examples of robotic procedures performed at the NCH Robotics Institute are abdominal and hiatal hernia repair, fibroid removal, hysterectomy for benign disease or cancer, pelvic organ support procedures, colon resections, prostate and kidney surgeries and lung cancer resection.

Michelle Luthringshausen, M.D., Gynecologist and Medical Director of the NCH Robotics Institute, and Gary Chmielewski, M.D., Thoracic Surgeon and Associate Professor, Rush University Medical Center, explain the benefits of robotic surgery and some of the surgeries being performed at NCH. Watch below to learn more.