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Retired baby doctor delivers whopping check to NCH Foundation

December 8, 2017

Dr. Peter Geittmann Foundation helps women, babies in crisis

Peter Geittmann, M.D. and Jill Kottmeier, BSN, RN, CPLC, Perinatal Palliative Care Coordinator at NCH

Dr. Peter Geittmann, a retired gynecologist and obstetrician who delivered thousands of babies during his long career at Northwest Community Healthcare, delivered a whopping check this week for $100,000 to the NCH Foundation to help care for underprivileged mothers and babies.

“You’re continuing to touch lives, Dr. Geittmann,” Dave Ungurean, Executive Director of the NCH Foundation, said at the check presentation on Wednesday. “Thank you.”

Last year, an inaugural gala fundraiser hosted by the Dr. Peter Geittmann Foundation made possible the Foundation’s first gift of $100,000 for women facing financial woes due to mounting medical bills. Proceeds from a second event this year allowed the Foundation to contribute an additional $100,000.

Just after the check was presented, Ungurean told the small gathering of nurses and doctors on the Labor and Delivery floor just how the funds have helped thus far.

“Not only have we given prenatal care, which you know better than anybody else how vital that is to lead to a safe delivery, but it has helped us find and avert some tragedies early on,” Ungurean said.

Dr. Geittmann was moved to start his foundation with his wife Margaret after years of hearing stories from patients who couldn’t afford treatment and were financially devastated by a serious diagnosis. His foundation helps working but underinsured women and their children who have suffered a catastrophic medical event.

Dr. Geittmann has worked with members of the community and other NCH staff to host fundraisers and run the foundation with help from NCH Medical Staff Pediatrician David Brottman, M.D., FAAP.

“Dr. Brottman and his wife and son did quite a bit of work for our foundation, and if it hadn’t been for them we wouldn’t have made as much money,” Margaret Geittmann told the crowd.

For more information, visit the Dr. Peter Geittmann Foundation.