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Tickle the ivories at the NCH Wellness Center

September 18, 2018

A work of art at the NCH Wellness Center: Painter Preeti Iqbal created Village Landscape on a piano donated by Ruth Waltasti of Arlington Heights.

Even if you’re not a musician, it’s hard to resist “tickling the ivories” when passing by a piano. It’s even harder to stifle the temptation when the piano is also a work of art. Northwest Community Healthcare (NCH) is proud to join the Arlington Heights Memorial Library in a community effort that encourages reading by displaying a painted piano on our hospital campus in the NCH Wellness Center.

“We are excited to be partnering with the library on the Piano Project to highlight the joy in art, music and community,” says Steve Balaton, Director of the NCH Wellness Center. “The piano will be in our lobby to create moments of connection and conversation through music.”

This is the fifth year for the library’s One Book, One Village Program, which encourages the community to come together by reading the same book. This year’s book, Every Note Played, about a pianist suffering from ALS, provided a great opportunity to display the pianos, which are donated to the community, painted by artists and displayed in public places such as the NCH Wellness Center. The piano, donated by Ruth Waltasti of Arlington Heights, has a landscape painted on it by artist Preeti Iqbal can be viewed in September and October.

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