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Adult Swim

We pride ourselves on helping kids and adults be safer in and around the water.

  • Learn basic swimming skills
  • Improve skills and swimming strokes
  • Swim for fitness
Adult Swim Lessons: (Private/Semi-Private)

Adult lessons are offered for swimmers of all levels—from fearful non-swimmers, to those wanting to learn the four competitive strokes, fine-tune their techniques, and learn to swim for fitness. Our trained swim lesson instructors work with each swimmer to reach their individual goals in a warm, thoughtful environment. Our private adult swim lessons give individual, focused attention so that we can help you accomplish whatever it is that your goals may be.

So, whether you want to overcome a fear or you want to learn the butterfly stroke, our instructors are committed to working with you.

Cost per Swimmer:
2 Lessons – $70 M / $100 NM

Please contact Gilda at or call 947-618-3665 to begin your sessions.

Additional Information: