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Cancer Care

Precision Medicine

Precision medicine targets your unique cancer cells.

When it comes to cancer treatment, one size does not fit all.

Each cancer patient’s tumor cells have a unique genetic makeup, so why should all patients receive the same treatment for the same cancer type? Precision medicine, also known as personalized precision molecular oncology, is transforming the way we treat cancer at NCH.

Precision medicine looks at a cancer’s molecular makeup to better understand the unique biology of that particular tumor. These and other unique variables are then linked to compiled scientific data so that we can provide personalized treatment based on correlation with real-world clinical outcomes. Therefore, because precision medicine is personalized, we can deliver more precise therapies tailored to your specific tumor.

Additionally, we are proactive in our care for you. We have comprehensive genetic counseling to identify any inherited gene mutations that might predispose you and your family members to various types of cancers. If a genetic risk is identified, we can develop a personalized plan to monitor and reduce your risk.