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We are your trusted partner in prostate health, beginning with the prevention and early detection of prostate cancer. We’re committed to diagnosing prostate cancer at the earliest possible stage and using state-of-the-art technology for timely treatment. Our exceptional clinical staff uses advanced diagnostic tools and leading-edge treatments for low-risk to high-risk prostate cancer


Screening can find prostate cancer in men who might otherwise never have a symptom. Prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in men. About one in nine men will be diagnosed in their lifetime. Prostate cancer is typically slow-growing, so early detection of the disease provides a wider range of treatment options.

Key highlights of our Prostate Cancer Program include:

  • You’ll have access to leading treatment modalities in state-of-the-art facilities.
  • You’ll drive the decision about which treatment you feel is right for you.
  • In cases of slow-growing, low-risk prostate cancers, what may be most appropriate is no active treatment for some time, if at all. If you are diagnosed with this type of prostate cancer, you and your urologist will discuss whether active surveillance is suitable.
  • Your team of prostate cancer experts includes a personal nurse navigator. Your navigator will assist you and your caregiver, offering emotional support, help navigating financial assistance and much more.


Beginning as early as 40 years of age, depending on your risk factors, men may start routine blood testing for prostate-specific antigen (PSA) because high levels of PSA can indicate a greater risk of prostate cancer. A digital rectal examination, during which a doctor manually checks the prostate for any unusual lumps, may also be advised.

A thorough discussion with a primary care physician can help men make more informed decisions that weigh the risks and benefits of prostate cancer screening. At NCH, we also have an Active Surveillance Program to help patients with slow-growing, low-risk prostate cancers that may not warrant active treatment for some time, if at all.

Our team of experts can properly diagnose and treat a wide range of prostate issues, including cancer.

Prostate cancer is diagnosed with:

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Treatment options

At NCH, you’ll find a caring environment with personalized services. We’re committed to providing leading-edge technology that offers important benefits, including greater precision and quicker recovery. Not every patient is a candidate for every treatment. It depends on factors like your age, general health, how early the cancer is detected and the stage of the disease. We offer the following advanced treatment options:

If you do not currently have a primary care physician, call Health Connection at 847-618-4968 or visit

A Prostate Patient Navigator is available as a resource to be with you every step of the way to assist with whatever you might need, including emotional support, assist with coordination of appointments, answer questions and provide assistance with other resources as needed—to make the process as patient-friendly as possible. The navigator is a phone call away at 847-618-6556 to assist in addressing your questions and concerns.

Patient Stories

Keith’s Story

Keith had no symptoms, but a blood test showed elevated PSA levels. After additional testing and follow-up, he learned he had stage III prostate cancer.

Dale’s Story

Dale was experiencing a common symptom of prostate problems—frequent urination. A biopsy revealed he had aggressive prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer Treatment Locations
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