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Cancer Care

Skin Cancer & Melanoma

One of the most common types of cancer, skin cancer is caused mainly by overexposure to sunlight. Skin cancer has different levels of severity, with melanoma being the most severe. Those with lighter skin tones are more at risk, although anyone can develop skin cancer. The good news is that our specialists are committed to providing you with advanced care options for dermatologic cancers. They can also help lower your risk through routine screenings and provide information on how to take the proper preventive measures.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Your physician will examine your skin for any abnormalities or changes in skin growths from your last visit. If there is a risk of cancer, they will likely order a biopsy to confirm whether cancer is present. If diagnosed, there are a number of treatment options depending on the type of cancer and how far it has progressed.

Skin Cancer & Melanoma Treatment Locations
NCH Hospital and Emergency Department
NCH Hospital and Emergency Department

800 W. Central Road

Arlington Heights, IL 60005


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Endeavor Health Medical Group Specialty Care
Endeavor Health Medical Group Specialty Care

1051 W. Rand Road

Suite 210

Arlington Heights, IL 60004


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