Inpatient Rehabilitation

Our 33-bed John M. Boler Center for Rehabilitation Unit combines a home-like atmosphere with state-of-the-art rehabilitative care. We help individuals live their lives to the fullest after disabilities caused by trauma, illness, congenital deficits or disease by providing personalized care that meets each patient’s unique and changing needs. Therapy sessions, typically three hours a day, five days a week, work to improve strength, endurance, motor control and stability. The average length of stay on the unit is typically 10 to 14 days. Our specialists treat:

How You Qualify for Inpatient Rehabilitation Services
  • Your ability to perform normal daily activities and engage in your everyday roles has significantly declined, and you may benefit from physical, occupational and/or speech therapies.
  • You have sufficient medical needs to require 24-hour nursing care or oversight from a doctor.
  • You are strong enough to participate in three or more hours of therapy per day, five days a week.
  • You would like to return home or to the community.
The NCH Difference
  • We are a CARF® (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) unit. This recognition means that we meet or exceed the highest standards of quality, safety and outcome measures.
  • You can participate in animal-assisted therapy sessions, which have been proven to help patients recover more quickly.
  • With private rooms, free Wi-Fi and home-like conveniences—like a large kitchen and dining room—we strive to make your stay comfortable.
  • If you need continued therapy after you leave the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit, we can help you arrange for home care or day rehab services.
You’re Surrounded by Experts and Treated With Care

Our team will introduce you to the unit so you can immediately feel at home and become involved in planning your care. When you and your family members meet with your care team, you’ll discuss your needs and preferences, and your care team will plan and schedule services so they are tailored to your goals and needs. Your team may include:

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Doctors

Our doctors coordinate and supervise your medical care and rehabilitation plan. They work with other team members to maximize your progress.

Rehabilitation Nurses

Specially trained in a holistic approach to meet your physical, emotional, educational, environmental and spiritual needs, our nurses will help you reach your goal of a productive and independent life.

Physical Therapists (PTs)

Focused on helping you improve your strength, endurance, motor control and stability, our PTs help you improve your ability to stand, walk, climb steps or use a wheelchair.

Occupational Therapists (OTs)

Our OTs teach daily living activities such as dressing, bathing, eating and tasks involving household chores. They may also work with you on strengthening muscles and educate you on how to conserve your energy and use special equipment.

Speech Therapists

If you have problems expressing and understanding language or have a swallowing disorder, our speech therapists will help improve your skills.

Social Workers

When it is time for you to leave the rehabilitation unit, our social workers will coordinate your discharge.


Our nutritionists will develop a program tailored to you. It will help you know what to eat, how much and when, depending on your condition.

Recreational Therapists

Our recreational therapists use recreation and other activity-based interventions to improve the physical, cognitive, social and emotional functioning needed to fully participate in life.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Treatment Locations
NCH Hospital and Emergency Department
NCH Hospital and Emergency Department

800 W. Central Road

Arlington Heights, IL 60005


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