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We know that family support helps patients recuperate faster after childbirth, so we encourage loved ones to participate in patient care during the postpartum period. That’s why every room in the Women’s Center is spacious and private, with an extra pullout bed, a work area and storage space. This allows a partner or other family member to comfortably stay with mom as long as she wishes while she is recovering from childbirth.

For babies in our Level III NICU, we also offer a home-like environment that enables parents to bond and sleep in the same room as their baby. We also help with practice caring for multiple infants and those with special needs—all while being monitored and cared for by some of the best neonatologists from Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

After Childbirth, We Focus on You and Your Baby

  • After you welcome your new baby, you’ll be moved to a single-family room in our postpartum unit. This gives new moms the privacy they need during recovery and parents the chance to bond with their new baby. Our staff is committed to making every birth a memorable and special occasion.
  • Quiet Time is observed: 12 pm–2 pm and 8:30 pm–10 pm.
  • Your baby will stay in the room with you. This is known as rooming-in and will help you to get to know your baby under the watchful care of our highly trained staff. The same nurse who is taking care of you will also be taking care of your baby.
  • We will teach you about safe skin-to-skin holding and safe sleep. We offer the Joeyband® when doing skin to skin. The Joeyband® is used when the mother is in bed for increased safety.
  • Your baby’s first bath will be delayed for at least 8–12 hours. This will allow your baby to stay warm and the blood sugar to stabilize. Swaddle bathing is done in your room and is proven to decrease stress on your new baby. This will also allow you to observe and learn about bathing your baby.
  • Sleepsacks are available to promote safe sleep practices.

If Your Choice is to Breastfeed Your Baby

  • You will be provided with support from our highly trained maternity staff.
  • Lactation consultants are available to offer their expert services.
  • Your baby will not routinely receive pacifiers.
  • We will refer you to parenting and feeding support groups, like NCH’s Baby Café, upon discharge.

If Your Choice is to Formula Feed Your Baby

  • You will be provided instructions about safe preparation and feeding of infant formula.
  • You will be taught paced bottle-feeding.
  • We will refer you to parenting and feeding support groups, like NCH’s Baby Café, upon discharge.

Taking Your Baby Home

Day Before Discharge

  • Our staff will assist you in completing the Birth Certificate application.
  • Please bring in a car seat a day prior to discharge.

Day of Discharge

  • Our goal is for discharge to occur by 11:00 am. Please arrange for transportation so you can leave at that time.

After Childbirth, We Focus on You and Your Baby

  • All private postpartum rooms have a bed for your baby and accommodations for an overnight guest
  • Mom and baby care is provided by one nurse each shift
  • We focus on helping you rest comfortably while keeping you and your baby safe in the postpartum period
  • Experienced photographers from Bella Baby Photography can capture your baby’s first photograph, right in the comfort of your hospital room

Specialized Training on How to Care for Your Newborn

We’ll teach you how to nurture and care for your baby while preparing you for the transition home.

Well-Baby Nursery

  • Our experienced staff is available to care for your baby anytime, day or night, if the need arises
  • We support the mother’s choice to send her baby to the nursery, but we encourage rooming in, as it is proven that mothers actually rest better if the baby remains with them

Postpartum Depression

  • You will be carefully monitored for any signs of postpartum depression, which can result from a combination of biological, hormonal, environmental and psychological factors
  • If you have a family history of depression, lack social support or have experienced adverse life events and/or problems in your marriage, you may be at risk
  • If you or someone you know is experiencing even a few symptoms of postpartum depression or postpartum psychosis, seek medical help right away and call 911 if emergency help is needed
  • Treatment varies by individual and may include antidepressant medication, counseling, interpersonal psychotherapy and, in extreme cases, hospitalization
  • We also offer pregnancy loss support groups

Comprehensive NICU Follow-Ups

We have a series of evaluations and follow-up treatments for any baby who is discharged after spending time in our NICU.

Baby Café

Guided by experienced lactation consultants, the group offers a weekly topic for discussion, a scale to weigh babies and resources for moms.

Every Wednesday, 1–2:30 p.m.

Located in the Women’s and Children’s Services classroom on the fourth floor of the hospital. No registration is required.

Mother-Baby Hour

A free NCH-sponsored program where new moms can share the uncertainty of everyday motherhood in a relaxed environment. You and your baby are invited to join one of our perinatal educators at First Presbyterian Church, 302 N. Dunton in Arlington Heights, every Tuesday from 10–11:30 am.

NCH Breastfeeding Support and Coaching

One-on-one private breastfeeding instruction from certified lactation consultants offered during pregnancy, during your hospital stay and after discharge.