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Feel healthier, happier and in better shape in the New Year with MedFit

December 15, 2017

Like so many of us, Manju Patel longed to lose weight, have more energy and feel all-around healthier. She frequently experienced breathing problems as well as knee and foot pain that prevented her from climbing stairs without stopping several times. Even simple tasks like closing the blinds had become a challenge for Manju because of shoulder pain.

The MedFit Program has helped Manju Patel so that she can now walk up and down the stairs without stopping or experiencing shortness of breath.

When the 66-year-old woman learned she was prediabetic and 45 pounds overweight, she knew it was time to take action. Manju’s friend told her about the MedFit Program, a 60-day guided introduction to fitness tailored to the individual at the NCH Wellness Center. She consulted with her primary care physician and received medical clearance to join the program.

Manju’s five personal steps to MedFit success

  1. Workout at least three times a week
  2. Warm up with walking
  3. Do what feels comfortable
  4. Get in the pool even if it’s just to walk
  5. End workout in the warm therapy pool, steam room or Jacuzzi to relax

Manju started her MedFit journey slowly. Eventually she was able to work out five times a week. Some of her activities included:

  • Walking on the treadmill
  • Swimming
  • Participating in group classes such as Zumba Gold, Sit and Get Fit and Senior on Strength

At the end of the program’s 60 days, Manju’s blood pressure and body fat had decreased, her breathing improved and she was experiencing less pain in her shoulder and knee. She was so pleased with her progress and the facility that she decided to become a Wellness Center member.

Since joining, Manju has recommended the MedFit Program to two of her family members. She says she would recommend it to anyone who wants to feel better.

“The program is good for people of all ages.” says Manju, adding that she has tried several gyms in the past. “Those gyms had cheaper prices, but the Wellness Center has more classes for seniors who cannot do certain exercises.”

This past November, Manju traveled to the Big Apple and took a bite out of life! While in New York, she was able to walk around all day and take in all the city had to offer. Manju rode the subway everywhere and walked up and down the stairs without stopping or experiencing shortness of breath. Manju continues to exercise Monday through Thursday doing what feels comfortable to her. She hopes to lose more weight. Overall she’s happy to be feeling good and making progress.

To learn more about the MedFit Program, call 847-618-3506 or visit