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Join the Styku Challenge – Get 3D body images at NCH Wellness Center

December 12, 2018

They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” But a picture only captures two dimensions. In August 2018, the Northwest Community Healthcare (NCH) Wellness Center added a state-of-the-art body scanner that produces 3D images superior to a picture, scale or tape measure for tracking fitness progress.

Personal Trainer Michelle Tolar gets scanned using the new Styku technology at the NCH Wellness Center.
Personal Trainer Michelle Tolar gets scanned using the new Styku technology at the NCH Wellness Center.

“It uses infrared imaging to capture millions of data points on the body, giving you a 3D measurement and 3D image of your figure,” says Lauren Checchin, Clinical Fitness Coordinator at the NCH Wellness Center. “We’re the only fitness club in the area to have this technology.”

How it works

A person simply steps onto the platform and stands still while it rotates 360 degrees, capturing weight, body fat, lean mass, circumference measurements, and other data. When people lose weight, they aren’t sure if it can be attributed to water, fat or muscle loss.

“Our members now have access to this new technology that accurately measures weight loss to ensure they lose fat, not muscle,” says NCH Wellness Center Director Steve Balaton.

Checchin adds, “I think it’s more impactful than stepping on a scale, especially for those who are new to working out.”

Once the scan is complete, the computer assesses the data and generates a report that is emailed to the user. Since no one has ever seen their figure in 3D before, this technology provides eye-opening results.


“I was shocked at how poor my posture was, and I’m in the health and fitness industry,” says Checchin. “The scan was able to show me areas of weakness, such as my posture, and help me determine changes that I can make to improve this moving forward.”

Styku Challenge

The NCH Wellness Center offers the Styku Challenge for members and non-members. It’s $60 to join the challenge (even if you’re already a member) and it includes two Styku scans, 60 days apart. If participants lose two percent body fat between the first and second scan, they can work out for free at the Wellness Center for two months. A six-month membership is required for this challenge.

“With Styku, you can overlay the two outlines of the scans so that you can see if you’ve made progress,” Checchin says.

Wellness Center Director Steve Balaton points out another perk.

“Nonmembers who join this program and are successful get four months of membership for $60, including assessments and a personal training session,” Balaton says.

If someone is interested in purchasing a scan without entering the challenge, they can call the Wellness Center to make an appointment. Styku scans are being incorporated into the Wellness Center’s other health and fitness programs, such as WIN and MedFit.

“I think people are surprised by how accurate the scanning technology is,” Checchin says. “Participants have found the scanner to be an extremely useful tool in their success.”

Styku technology is the latest in fitness assessment technology on the market and NCH researched for almost a year before purchasing it.

“We decided on this for our member experience and wanted results to be data based,” Checchin says. “This is an accurate, gold standard biometric and we’re really excited to be able to invest in it and be one of the first clubs to have it.”

For members of the MedFit Program, scans can be sent via email to physicians, and patients can track their improvement.

“It’s a better way for doctors to see how their patients have progressed versus just reading numbers on a scale,” Checchin says.

For more information about the Styku Challenge, call 847-618-3506.