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NCH nurses have a ball

June 15, 2021

Donating toys to an area summer camp for underserved youth

As part of this year’s Nurses’ celebration, NCH nurses once again demonstrated empathy, caring and support for those experiencing a difficult time in their life. This year, NCH nurses had fun donating sports equipment for ICompete Summer Camp in Palatine, which provides summer camp experiences for underserved children ages 7-11. 

“The idea of helping underserved kids in our community really appealed to the nurses at NCH,” says Mimi Malesky, manager, Cardiac Surveillance Unit. “We had no idea there was a partnership of this kind in our community.”

According to Karen Baker, director, Community Services and Advocacy, “The low-cost summer camp for at-risk youth allows children who don’t usually have the opportunity to participate in structured activities have some summer fun. And, the outdoor toys will promote activity and movement which is so important when children have sat in front of screens all year for online learning.”

Malesky had a lot of fun purchasing the outdoor toys and games for the children. “I bought hula-hoops because I remember being a real pro when I was a kid,” she says.

ICompete is a collaborative partnership with the Palatine Park District, Partners for Our Communities, Palatine High School, Community Consolidated School District 15, Palatine Township and Palatine Police Department. Community support is vital to ensure the camp’s success.

Kendill Stone, Eileen Gillespie, Mimi Malesky, Kari Otahal, Sue Stanley, Tamara Perille, Laura King
and Kristen Miller show some of the items donated to ICompete Summer Camp in Palatine.
NCH Medical Group ACO nurses from left David Videtich, Anna Volker, Joy Ibanez,
Mary Lucania and Theresa Kadusale, along with a selection of donation items
destined for ICompete Summer Camp in Palatine.