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Vaccine Clinic closes but doses still available

March 16, 2022

On March 4, the NCH COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic officially closed its doors. However, anyone can still get a booster or even their first vaccine. Click here for times and locations where they are available. While cautiously optimistic that the closing is permanent, the team is prepared for anything that may come based on the ups and downs of the pandemic. In honor of the closing and to show gratitude for the many team members who made this location a reality, here are some highlights from the long-running clinic at 3060 W. Salt Creek Lane:

  • Few remember that prior to a fateful “flood” in 2018, many NCH departments were housed at 3060 – including Finance, NCH Foundation, Accounting, Home Health, Central Scheduling, Revenue Cycle, Financial Clearance, Managed Care, Patient Accounting/Revenue Integrity, PHO and Marketing.
  • For nearly 12 months the building sat vacant while other uses were considered— leaving an ideal space to move COVID-19 vaccine operations and eventually testing.
  • Since the first vaccine became available more than 41,000 doses were administered by NCH.
  • The 50,000 square foot building was used from end-to-end, including the addition of four special pediatric vaccine rooms within the clinic for the youngest patients. Rooms were themed to make the children more comfortable—the Unicorn Room, the Jungle Room, the Outer Space Room and the Dinosaur Room.
  • Multiple NCH team members from a wide variety of job roles across the system supported the staffing needs in both promoting and providing the vaccine services to both NCH team members and to members of the community. Roles included, but were not limited to RNs, patient access specialists, radiation technicians, translators, security officers, IT personnel, facilities coordinators, pharmacy techs, volunteers, physical therapists, administrative assistants, marketing staffers and many more.