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What you need to know about Northwest Community Healthcare joining NorthShore University HealthSystem

January 6, 2021

As of January 1, 2021, it is official! Northwest Community Healthcare has joined the NorthShore University HealthSystem family. This adds a sixth hospital and a significant suburban outpatient presence to the NorthShore system and further expands our collective reach as a regional, community-connected healthcare system for the Chicago area.

So, what does that mean for you – our patients, neighbors and friends of NCH?

  • The Northwest Community Healthcare name remains the same, and the NorthShore brand has been added to NCH’s logo to reinforce the strong partnership and to build on the strong reputations of both.
  • Patients will continue to benefit from the same excellent care and services while having even greater access to expert specialists, as well as research and other clinical services closer to home and within a wider geography of Chicago and the north and northwest suburbs.
  • The physicians you know and trust remain part of NCH, and care decisions will also remain local. No need to change doctors – and over time you will have access to even more physicians and advanced clinical resources through the NorthShore system.
  • You should continue to make appointments and access your medical records in the same ways you always have at NCH and our physicians remain focused on you and are here to help you make sure your care needs are met.
  • You will not need to change insurance because our relationships with insurance companies has not changed. For specific information about insurance, please visit
  • NCH will continue to operate as a full-service acute-care health system. Our goal is to build upon what is working extraordinarily well at NCH and enhance our care service with exciting new opportunities. Joining with NorthShore makes a wide array of services and care settings available for our patients, particularly advanced and specialized clinical care.

NCH and NorthShore share a commitment to community-focused healthcare designed to work in partnership with our strong physician network, our clinical caregivers and many community organizations. That means patient care decisions are made locally and supported by shared resources and expertise and investments in facilities, clinical services and technology. We will draw from and bolster our complementary strengths to expand access to care and physician partnerships to ensure the very best clinical care and services for our patients.

We are honored you’ve entrusted your care to NCH and are excited about the future as part of the NorthShore family.